Monday, February 8, 2016

The UNP Working Committee – a bad hair day for all in recommending SF

Let us call a spade a spade. The Field Marshall still holds a rank and gets a salary and staff, and is already on a par of a cabinet minister. I have already made my position quite clear at the time he was elevated to the FM position.

In short I opposed it then, and I oppose it now. However it was given, and that was that. Now we add insult to injury by giving him an additional position, namely that of a Member of Parliament, where in addition to his salary of the Field Marshall he also gets another salary and another staff. That is frankly beyond the pale. It has nothing to do with envy or jealousy or any petty think like that, it is simply commons sense.

We are elevating a leader of a party which could not garner 30,000 votes at the General Election, an elevation into the National List. He can contribute NOTHING to politics, as he is clueless to date on the political landscape, with no amount of examples of his behavior at the hustings.

He suffered under Rajapakse unfairly and we all agree on that, but to put him there in front of the despicable Rajapakse who went back into parliament as he had no shame, is adding insult to the injury caused by the Rajapakse behavior. NO wonder that the SL political scene is farcical when we have people behaving in this puerile fashion.

It begs the question as to the quality of person in the UNP WC!!! It is said that arch enemy Wijedasa Rajapakse did not want him in Parliament and this was an effort of the anti Wijedasa mob to take aim at him. All this is fools paradise in a political game where the pawns are the people of Sri Lanka.

The PM said in no uncertain terms that the UNFG government will NOT bring in loses into the parliament and then I ask if SF is not the loser’s loser?

We all know he has a big ego, we also know that Anoma does not take any decisions without asking the General for the management of the Rana Viru Seva Adhikari which she heads as Chairperson. So he was in any case dictating terms already from behind.

Why cant an old soldier retire to oblivion after a job well done, rather than disgrace the days of life he has left, and his legacy, by making a fool of himself, especially as he does not realize himself what a fool he has made of himself!!! I ask the readers to decide based on the character, behavior of SF since he left the Army, and begin with by asking if even the FM title, with serving soldier status was warranted, considering it was something that was not given, but taken!!   


  1. Parliament is desperately in need of a new face with new thinking that can balance rigid, backward ideas that have failed this Country over 70 years. Sadly even now when hope was high for a new visionary we just have another also ran!

  2. Human Nature being what it is resorted to a primordial instincts to put a person who is a known devil, and control him from within, than leave him out to bulldoze from the pulpit outside.

    It is just a game that Ranil is playing to get his entertainment as FM SF can say anything be it true or false against Rajapakse from inside the House and get away with it, citing Parliamentary privilege, and neutralizing Mahinda at his bully pulpit, where he has NOT undertaken too much slander from within, but continues to slander from outside to his Media Fan Club, that keep reporting his Neanderthal outpourings!

    This is stuck in the past, with no hope for the future, not just yet.