Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The POLITICIANS -MPs are trying to take the 19th to ransom – don’t do it!

The main plank of the MPs who are trying to scuttle the 19th Amendment is because they fear an erosion of their powers.

In short let us get rid of ALL the 225 Parliamentarians and elect only those who have NEVER been MPs in the past to the NEXT PARLIAMENT.

Just imagine how refreshing the place will be. None can be as bad as the present 225 in Parliament. They together are a disgrace to this august chamber, having desecrated it throughout the past 5 years, by jumping by threatening and by holding the people who elected them to ransom.

This joke about passing the 19th and then at the Committee Stage permitting the removal of the Independent People from the Commissions and STUFFING it with these rascals so called underworld MPs goes against the whole idea of having Independent Professionals in the Constitutional Councils, with a minimum number of MPs. That is the whole idea of checks and balances, to keep a check on MPs overstepping their remit.

So this Good Governance Procedure which is a cornerstone of the 19th Amendment is in fear of being compromised, as at the Committee Stage a mere simple majority is sufficient to change the Status Quo returning the powers ostensibly removed from MPs back to them.

It is important that the public at large realize this threat to Democracy and makes sure their MPs DO NOT get into the act of trying to retake some of the powers they lose, by this sly route of the Committee stage amendments.

The horse trading currently taking place in Parliament where an UNFIT majority are presiding over the people who have clearly made their voice known in the past January 8th Election, must listen to the verdict of the people and Act with responsibility towards the people, and NOT for a few personal interests that are clearly against the will of the people.

IT MUST BE REMEMBERED that the Parliamentarians in their 5th year of shenanigans, have completely lost plot as far as the desire of the people of Sri Lanka for a “good governance” state and are merely interpreting this word with SCORN as if it is a dirty word.

Unfortunately, at an election people have short memories and tend to re-elect familiarity, even though they are NO GOODERS!!!

It is with this knowledge that I propose that NO prior MP be elected to Parliament! This will prevent any sides being taken, and I am convinced the MPs newly elected will take their job more seriously and realize that they do not have a job for life, but are simply caretakers of the people’s trust, something the current bunch of 225 have completely forgotten. I appeal to the fair minded public NOT to let a bunch of bandits dictate how this Country should be governed, the same bunch who have mishandled everything to date, so anyone is better than them, and so the Country will also be better off with the infusion of new blood.        

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  1. The MPs don't care a rats ass about the people and their verdict at the last election to curtail the power of the Executive Presidency and by the very same token to limit the power of the MPs to act in a majoritarian manner agasint the minorities, a consequence of the disunity that this country has faced over the past 50 years