Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23rd Presidential Address to the nation – A clear statement of an alternative to

The despotic Rajapakse rule that left this Country, in debt, in confusion and with unadulterated corruption, which the corrupt first family is trying to re- impose by saying to a gullible audience that the Rajapakse’s have never taken bribes! Yes 50% off the top as commissions even before the project start was approved. They call it by another name.

In his address to the Nation, the original 100 day plan that finishes today, shows that on April 23rd that Parliament will be disbanded, AFTER the passing of the 19th Amendment.

While mentioning this promise and saying that he had hoped to have come to the table after the amendment which should have passed today, but that the will of the people was prevented by Rogue MPs who had NO interest in Good Governance, but who longed for a further period of the rule of the jungle where they could rape what was left to rape in Sri Lanka. They belittled the value of an MP by their conduct, and the country by their action.

As a result he is extremely sorry that he has not been able to keep to his timetable, and will plead with the public to understand who is at the bottom of trying to scuttle this people’s mandate, who else by the scuttle of all things reasonable, Mahinda Rajapakse.

He MUST reiterate the huge damage this one person has been able to cause to the political fabric of this country, which threw out the old Dictatorship with a promise of a new Democracy. The fact that people of this Country are unable to recognize this significant event is partially due to the poor explanation of what has happened to date, been made clear to the unsuspecting public, and he hopes that they are better informed by a more responsible fourth estate to their duties by the citizenry of Sri Lanka.

There was initially a request to dissolve parliament even though the 19th Amendment had not passed, but it would not be fair by the promise to the citizens that the 19th Amendment was their wish, and they undertook to fulfill that before dissolving.

If they prematurely dissolve, then the haunting happenings of the past are likely to re emerge and that is something we have promised the people we will not let happen.

IT IS THEREFORE VERY IMPORTANT that the people understand that it is a certain set of Parliamentarians backed by the Rajapakse family, and who have guaranteed immunity from prosecution for the big time crooks that there is this show of support and apparent show of support in the nation as they have been bought!

    “People do not be fooled by false promises that cannot be fulfilled, understand that        when there are challenges present the task at hand can get a little delayed, but we          are committed to fulfill the pledge we made at the Election. In time all these issues        that have recently been raised will seem trivial, bearing in mind the huge forward          strides of progress with have made to create a status of confidence in the future              course of Government and the promise of Good Governance, enshrined in the                newly amended Constitution to build a truly National Government on a stable base        from which to proceed into a future that is for all Sri Lankans, irrespective of race        and creed and language, but as one People, Sri Lankan only. 

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