Friday, April 24, 2015

The Rajapakses finally face their Waterloo – its high time too, we waited too long!

At the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Rogues of Sri Lanka have finally met their match. The Bribery Commission appointed by the Rajapakse administration, who have been  prevented by threats from exercising the powers have after 10 years of receiving complaints are FINALLY able to act on the complaints. It is not as if they are taking revenge, it is just that they are doing their job finally, people are not afraid to talk.

There has been NO interference from the present Govt. as regards to the investigations and it is merely coincidental that the timing came at the worst possible moment for the Govt. as it tries desperately to pass to pass the 19th Amendment before dissolution!

What is worse, if one is innocent of the allegations one would not wish to make rash statements that Rajapakses never engaged in wrong doing whilst in power! Further today, (23rd April) Gota had the nerve to say that no one will work in public service if they are treated like this. He should have said that no one will try to steal what is rightfully NOT theirs. Even Mahinda Rajapakse had chimed in with his swansong, that they should go to jail as he also served 3 months in jail!!! He implies that jail time is an essential for power.

Just goes to show how behind the times he is. We are not in a fight for independence. We are in a fight for justice for the downtrodden, and a return of stolen goods back to the their rightful owners, the people of Sri Lanka.

Despite all this, the people are still skeptical that justice will prevail and that the Rajas well get off scott free despite them being the leaders of the expropriation of assets from the Country. When nothing could happen without the signature of a Rajapakse, the convictions MUST start at the top, as they were the primary recipients of the largesse and the others mere recipients of scrap from their tables after their greed had been satiated.

Only a few days ago people were complaining that the crooks were not being taken in or convicted. Now the other side is complaining there is a witch hunt. What utter hogwash. The law takes its time, and until there is sufficient evidence people are not taken in for questioning. It is better to deal with the bigger crooks first and then go for the lower order.

Let us trust our Courts to have the courage of their convictions to be impartial and efficient in the distribution of justice, and that sentences will be in keeping with the extent of the crime. It is important to fine these people appropriately and with the evidence of billions being socked away, it is best to demand immediate payment or face double jail time.

A good media campaign MUST convince the people of their guilt, so they don’t hold any doubts. There should be no appearance of any revenge, even though the MR administration would have indulged in that if roles were reversed and they are currently pretending to be like angels who could do no wrong.

We would like the allegations in public, and the people given details of what they did so that the doubting Thomas’s can just shut up, and come to terms with the reality that the people they hero worshipped were actually the scum of the earth, stealing from them.

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