Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unprecedented snub for the President !

National Anointing Festival -  Kaduruwela 15th April 2015, 9.06am

This national festival was devoid of MPs Roshan Ranasinghe, and Siripala Gamlath (Nipuna Mudalali) who should be staunch supporters of their local man as President. It says a lot about them, one a deadly rogue, who has squeezed the lifeblood of the peasant farmers by purchasing paddy at rock bottom prices and sells at 100% markup. This is further exacerbated by the inability of the Govt. to purchase paddy at the guaranteed price which results in Nipuna taking the stuff at rock bottom of Rs28 instead of Rs 50!

Roshan Ranasinghe one must be reminded, used his goons to attack Maithri election meetings in Polonnaruwa and therefore has NO love lost, as he is a firm Mahinda supporter, as that has been a boon to his considerable and unconscionable business dealings, for profit, but by cornering the market for popular spare parts, with his considerable purchasing power in a monopolistic manner.

If that was NOT enough the Pradeshiya Sabha members were absent, and if they have the gall and the daring to abandon Maithri,  he is going to have a difficult time finding replacements, who have popular appeal, and is he going to give the ticket to those who have abandoned him? This SNUB is unprecedented in Electoral history. A newly elected President completely abandoned by his own party faithful in his own constituency!

The issue is that ALL the PS members in Polonnaruwa are crooks, who supported and in turn were supported by MR. MR in short allowed them freedom to steal, and rape the land, as long as they were loyal to him and now they obviously feel they have no place in an administration of Good Governance but only in one of total destruction a la MR return to the period of selling of the Country to the highest bidder without concern for their children’s future as they hope that future would be out of Sri Lanka after they have successful denuded it of anything worth saving.  

The UNP is not able to capitalize on this void as they are equally split within their camp. I noticed that Donald and Colonne were absent, playing their own game of personal politics.
Vasantha Senanayake is wondering what kind of election he needs to contest, as it could be simply in Polonnaruwa, which is the seat of the sitting President, and the numerable challenges he will have to face. THE UNP as a party is desperately in need of unity. With Donald only helping Sajith to build his fame, he is at daggers drawn with Sidney and the two are NOT too happy that Vasantha has stolen a march on both. Now with Prishantha Gunewardena gone awol from the section of Minneriya that goes to Bakamuna that creates a further void that needs filling.

The winner in all this, the national traitor Mahinda who again appears to hoodwink the masses yet again with his suave persona, a very dangerous precedent in the politics of the mirage, that easily duped uneducated PhDs are taken in by this rhetoric as much as the impressionable Pied Piper masses.

This chance of taking Polonnaruwa for the UNP is evident, but the UNP hierarchy is blind deaf and dumb to this once in a life time opportunity, to regain this District with a program, which requires detailed explanations common folk can relate to, accept and understand,       


  1. any one who supports MR is by default a crook...nipuna is rice mafia and the sripala brothers are not.. this unp whining is getting hilarious day by