Friday, April 17, 2015

Rupavahini completely missed the auspicious time of 9.06 am on April 15th 2015

A significant date and time of the Presidential Diary was the National Oil Anointing Ceremony as a tradition where the cure of oil being rubbed into the head signifies cure and health of the individual and blessings for the health of the Nation.

Rupavahini in my presence was broadcasting the event live to the people of the Country, and in the process at 9.04 went to a paid advertisement! When they returned it was after over 30 seconds from 9.06 am the auspicious time. They missed it!!! The priest at the Jayanthi temple rubbing the oil on the President’s head!

WAS THIS DONE DELIBERATELY? Or was it merely an accident? I don’t have the answer to this, but whatever the answer is some heads or head MUST ROLL! When they cover this event live, to go to a Commercial Break so close to the auspicious time, is in itself suicidal. So I cannot believe a responsible person took this decision, and my suspicions lie in some supporter of the previous regime, doing his piece to help the jokers who gave him his politically induced job at the Rupavahini Corporation, decided that he owes it to his patron, to cut the new President’s moment in the limelight.

Does Somaratne Disananayke the new Chairman of the Rupavahini Corporation know this happened? I rather suspect not! If he is made aware of will he take note, make inquiries and take action if he suspects foul play or at least demote the people responsible for this mistake? If he does not then he is seriously derelict in his duties to his sponsor for appointing him, as that is but one aspect of what he is supposed to do within his ambit of running this Organization in a manner that is fair by the people whom they serve due to their monopolistic or oligopolistic position they retain with the ITN.

I wonder if the President’s Office also noticed this particular faux pas or deliberate act of political vengeance against the incumbent President.

It is time that this media, that exerts so much power over the people and which MR abused to the full to present and form opinion, by enslaving the population with lies and innuendo, is finally held accountable to the people, whom they serve to provide objective news, and report with as little bias as possible, whilst ensuring the affairs of state are followed, without giving undue attention to the former President MR who it appears is given an undue share of publicity over and above that which he is deserving of in a media that is attempting finally to gain the moral high ground after a 10 year period of unadulterated bias towards one family not just one alliance, namely the UPFA.

Of course our readers and viewers and listeners so used to being fed Trollope on the squak box cannot even distinguish if they have been barred deliberately or accidentally from an important event of news, are not able to complain, or worse notice this act of omission.

Consumers and the General Public be warned of the fact that there are numerous players bent on destroying our new found freedom, as that is not conducive to the overall game of destroying the country for personal gain that some still harbor, as the ethos of the previous administration. Make your neighbors aware of the destructive forces still giving life!

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    This appeared in April 20th Ceylon Today. I wonder what the outcome would be!!! Any heads will roll I somehow doubt it! Though the Rupavahini Chairman must at least tender his resignation, taking full responsibility and enhancing his reputation as a person fearless in taking responsibility for any wrong doing in his organizaiotn. Then we may see an improved culture here.