Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mahinda Rajapakse's cunning game plan

The UPFA MPs have NO principles, merely the wish to remain in power for life!

Using the above premise, with the space given to MR by a compliant and “arakku botaleta liyana” media, many of the UPFA MPs who were with MS are now having second thoughts, as MR is now calling them all offering serious money from the Billions of dollars he still has at his disposal, stolen from the people, so that he can make a comeback, not by splitting the UPFA but by effectively taking over the party, leaving MS to scratch his head, that with a few such as Arjuna Ranatunga and MKDS Gunewardena and Duminda Dissanayake will be no match for the rogues who have desecrated this Country, who wish to continue to do so, at the expense of the hapless people who have absolutely no recourse, as their lawmakers and especially the PS members who have squeezed the life out of village communities, will continue their merry making, with people who are imbibed with the lust for power where it corrupts absolutely.

Unless reasonable and patriotic people are convinced of returning to Good Governance, and preventing the threat of taking this country back to the Rajapakse Regime that set this country back so many years, we will be cursed by them for generations to come.

People must understand that by handling stolen money of Rajapakse they will be complicit in the crime of treason of their motherland. SO if they accept his offer, they are knowingly selling their souls to the highest bidder, and they will directly affect the future of their Country, to return to the dark days of division and conflict. It is as well they understand this.

MR is a crafty devil who cannot stay away from active politics, and as he has access to unlimited funds, knows that only money talks in Sri Lanka, as people can be bought cheaply, an act of defiance he has engaged in all his career, especially now. He is therefore scheming to take control of the Government, impeach the President and perhaps get all his powers back while a useless and impotent public watch this sham as they are just completely incompetent to comprehend and thus let happen under their noses. 

God help Sri Lanka from its own foolish citizens if they allow this scenario to unfold!
It is important for people to realize how toxic MR is to the well-being of this Country.

It shows how short people’s memories are as they forget when they castigated MR when they were his ministers, that his family were in total control, and now when money is offered are willing to toe the line in the same way they did before. They are no better than prostitutes. MR being the pimp.    

Don’t forget that in Sri Lanka, a pliant media, a lot of money (where it comes from is not of any consequence) and a ruthless ex-dictator is all that is needed for a come back and I merely warn our people that they don’t know what has hit them yet. It is the end of the Country as we know it. There is a chance to prevent it from happening, and we have to appeal to the consciences of our leaders that is if they have a bone of sense in them left!

DO NOT GET TAKEN IN BY the rhetoric as that is all it is, and nothing more, which is a desperate attempt at taking over the leadership of this country. Don’t let it happen please.

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  1. Mahinda has got a list of names and is calling all of them, for each electorate and district and offering them carte blanche funds to represent his party at the next elections, so he is serious about planning a comeback as the PM as he is confident his money will be sufficient to buy the Leaders/MPs and by that the people also, and so be largest party at the next General Election.

    He will then remove Sirisena in any way he can and get his Presidency back.

    If any fool in Sri Lanka cannot see this plan then you are indeed a fool, look in the mirror and make your decision, on behalf of the Country as a fool or someone a little bit more in control of your senses.