Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nissanka Senadhipathi – Avant Garde and the Rs 20M Ad spend professing deism

Can people be so dumb as to believe that there is any truth in the hugely expensive bought ads that a body, most likely representing the man himself, retired Major Nissanka Senadhipathi, is putting in double page spreads, on Sundays, in the most expensive newspaper for Ads in Sri Lanka?

These ads give sources of  people who purport to deify this man who has helped them out of tight spots, with money, and when one reads some of the reasons, they defy imagination, as after the particular operation was paid for or need fulfilled, he continues to make this monthly payment with NO strings to date! Either he is a fool, a liar or a charlatan, as otherwise no rational Human Being who helps people will continue to assist them when they NO LONGER require such assistance.                  

Giving this man the benefit of the doubt as a caring person, who spends Millions a year helping the needy, does that justify him not being hounded or prosecuted for crimes? Put simply, for one who say helps people to the tune of Rs50M a year, and who does not pay even Rs5M a year in taxes, as all his income is from the export of services and is therefore tax free, he must be earning Rs5B a year from his Business!

The Company Avant Garde Services will not disclose this income because it would be open to threats and Extortion in Sri Lanka, so most of the money is earned in off shore companies from which he can fund his charitable activities without prying eyes or people asking where he gets the money from.

He is fortunate to earn foreign exchange in a business that has Security Consultants as the customer base. By definition most of these companies wish to be under the radar as they are run by ex-servicemen, who wish to keep their activities hidden from the Tax authorities in their own countries just as much as Senadhipathi wishes to keep out of SL prying eyes.

That is how his motto, of there is always a price for everything, he is able to demand loyalty or more correctly buy loyalty, as Sri Lankans are willing to sell their soul for a few bucks to the highest bidder, and there is NO one not even the GOSL who will offer more to set him up.

So if it comes to hiring prostitutes for senior officials to have them in compromising positions so they don’t squeal, or ensuring his name is untainted, he is able to buy that.

The investigations by GOSL on Avant Garde are unable to find the real crimes, as it is the last Govt. that has given him a MONOPOLISTIC certificate to carry out all international transactions. You therefore have a license to print money. If there was competition, then there will be many more. It is impossible to prove if this was paid for! (Bribe)

    When one looks at the fact that he has the past three Navy Commanders as his               consultants on a massive retainer, he has simply denied the SL Navy this revenue in     favor of him, and when he needs the services of the SL Navy, he can count on it on       an as needed basis. That is the problem, but the investigators have no clue how to         get him for the real crime.

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