Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The public has been shortchanged! 114 Nodding Donkey MPs are holding Parliament to ransom – time to stop their madness

The people of Sri Lanka gave their plebiscite on a very specific plan to bring the crooks to book, on 8th January 2015, and endorsed the Constitutional Changes to bring in all measures required for GOOD GOVERNANCE and more power to the Legislature and thereby the Prime Minister as the Head of Govt. in the Legislature. (Does anyone today remember we had doddering OLD DIMU as the PM just a few months ago, making fools of all of us, and worse his son used this position to bring in Drugs big time into the Country!)

It is therefore unconscionable that there are 114 MPs who have signed a petition,( I would like to see the words of the petition they have signed as that HAS NOT been exposed in the Media) objecting to the mere request for MR to be questioned about some of his questionable acts. THE BC has every right and no one can prevent that right as it is guaranteed in the Constitution.

Either way MR has also refused to be questioned, creating a legal problem where he has to be prosecuted in Court for his intransigence. Further the 114 MPs have files of their level of law breaking with Rajapakse and it is obvious they do not wish their transgressions to be outed in public, as none of them deserve re-election.

The main promise of the 100 day program are the provisions contained in the 19th Amendment that is to be debated today, and a final vote taken tomorrow. With the SLFP saying they will vote against it, then there is NO OPTION but to dissolve parliament on Wednesday and go for a General Election, with NONE from the SLFP who vote against the 19th Amendment as required by the people of Sri Lanka, to be given a ticket under that party or UPFA symbol. Let them form another party, and if they so wish they can join with the MR party of rogues, so that all those who have acts of serious crimes against the sovereign state can be outed and shamed in the Election process and if the people of this Country wish to have criminals represent them in Parliament then we may as well hand this country to these bandits and all law abiding citizens have no option but to find a means of leaving these shores or suffer in silence due to the foolish actions of the blind, or mental deviants who prefer a lawless regime, which we definitely had for the period 2005 to 2014 under the leadership of former President Mahinda Rajapakse.

When looking at the excuses of thugs such as Wimal Weerawansa, one cringes at their words, as they are such inebriated nonsensical garbage, that if we anyone accepts they must have their heads examined.

Just as the Speaker has merely stated that if MPs are called by the Bribery Commission he must merely be informed as he is the person who guards the rights of the MPs, that is fine. INFORMED. This DOES NOT APPLY to ex-president Mahinda, as he is NOT an MP, and therefore falls out of this definition.

Time for the people to try and understand the true colors of these hopeless legislators who have been elected, and in a future election express their disgust by NOT electing them. When MR says he’s roud to be called by the BC as a gift, you know he is mentally deranged.                


  1. A minute after posting this I got word that the Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Ajith Perera a lawyer has said that Speaker's decision to call the Chairman of the Bribery commission is unacceptable.

    Didn't I say this in my yesterday's post. The Speaker is now acting like his Dictatorial Brother, setting aside the law, this MUST stop.

  2. why have 113 MPs signed a petition against the DG of the Bribery Commission? That has NO meaning in Law.

    They must go to Court to get a stay order or similar. What is wrong with our Legislators? Is this what we elect them for? To make a mockery of the Law.