Friday, April 17, 2015

New Year - New Hope and let us not return to the dark ages - Lest We Forget!

The New Year Dawns with new hope for a Nation struggling to get a grip on what kind of Government it wants, and a skeptical populace not knowing which way matters will unfold and wish to hedge their bets in case the worst traitor of this nation Mahinda raises his ugly head again, due to the utter foolishness of a grossly ignorant and easily duped electorate.

So here is just the simple formula for all to follow, that will assure this country of the checks and balances that will re-establish the much maligned words called “good governance” which will dramatically reduce the likelihood of a repeat of this wholesale destruction we have suffered for the past 10 years.

The chattering classes cannot understand that we have an independent judiciary that ruled against some important points of the 19th Amendment (with no interference of the Executive unlike in the past) that give more powers to the PM taken from the President. So under the present amendment, the President will retain some powers, but the appointment of th4e independent commissions as existed due to the 17th Amendment will nevertheless permit impartial appointments to the high places that will curtail the gross abuse of power that we saw in the previous administration.

We have hope that matters will be for the better, and that people will be able to see through the various guises that MR and his band of sycophants are attempting to hoodwink an unsuspecting mass of ignoramuses into a return to the heady days of chaos and confusion in the belief that it is stability and consistency. Consistent Robbing maybe, but is that what the people want, stability of knowing we are not able to utter a word against the crooks, rogues and plunderers, with no freedom for the media.

It is now the duty of the media to explain without delay to the misinformed public that the Tsunami that took place on January 8th has changed the status quo so much that what a journalist is permitted to say, should not affect the ability of the people to realize that it was the most corrupt, family centric organization that has been overthrown, and that now the savings to the Country amount to Rs500M a day that is saved for the people, and that no amount of criticism today can come close to even touching the sordid period of wholesale daylight robbery of the state resources that occurred. The Fact that intelligent people have also bought into that lie says a lot of their intelligence and education, just a false picture of their ability to reason, and ascertain the facts.

We are about to launch a system of Government that return the sovereignty to the people and let NO ONE try to scupper this basic good. When we have few people left in SL who can tell the difference between good and evil, there is a credibility problem that needs to be overcome. It is this credibility that we are now fighting to preserve, against all the odds.

Time to understand that anything is better than the pre 8th January scenario. We owe it to our future to ensure that we do all that it takes to wipe the name of the Rogue Rajapakse family from our History forever, just like he tried to wipe the name of Fonseka from his and his futile attempt to rewrite the Mahawansa to suit his personal ego.

It is time these traitors are finally brought to book so they desist from provoking this country any further, and boldly challenge their downfall as some foreign aggression.

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