Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Enviromental Damage caused during 10 years of Rajapakse rule

is enough to send the lot of them to the Gallows – and they still (due to lack education) think they did no wrong!

It will take 10 years for the people of Sri Lanka so fooled by a bunch of clever fools (tautology where they are only clever enough to fool people into a false sense of contentment) to realize that the Country’s environment and damage to it will take a few lifetimes to reverse if we begin now with a firm commitment to point out individual instances and try to reverse. Actually in many instances there is NO chance of that, as wells have already run dry, and so have springs, and it is the people of this Country who will have a lower quality of life as a result of their actions.

Sadly the death penalty in the stature books does not cover environmental crimes, however along with CKDU being grossly exacerbated due to the Rajapakse rule of misinformation, and purchase of low quality harmful fertilizer and import of pesticides, has also indirectly led to the death of over 100,000 people as the next 10years of death will also be attributable to the last 10 years of rule.    

In order to understand the culpability of these criminals, people will first have to be educated on what environmental damage does to individual wellbeing. Then they must ask the questions as to who permitted this or even ordered these environmentally detrimental activity. Then they must be able to match with the policies and who set those policies, and why. As in the case where Rs 2.5B was given to hide the draft of the Senaka Bibile Bill, by many Pharmaceutical Companies contributing to bribing the relevant Govt. politicians, we will have to dig deep and find the culprits and then pin the blame on them, and then explain clearly to a skeptical public still inebriated from misinformation, how it would affect them directly and harmfully, perhaps fatally.

It is only then that their anger, will be aroused and steps will be taken to change the laws so that criminals will be brought to book. It only takes experts to realize that the current behavior of the Rajapakse brothers is clearly of guilty people, shamefully trying to hide behind other people’s skirts. So the ignorant will just have to bide their time until they come to the realization of the size of the deception.

The accuse talk of revenge. There is NO proof of that. All this time the Govt. institutions were prevented from doing their jobs by this same clique protecting their criminals from prosecution, and now those roadblocks have been lifted and they are permitted to do their job. It does not require any demands or requests on the part of the present Administration to get them to perform their duties to which they have been appointed and paid.

We must therefore understand the background, the active steps taken to deceive the public and the modus operandi of their hold on power, if we are to explain to people that these practices led the uninitiated being kept in the dark for so long. We must expunge any thought of a return of these traitors in any form in future, as these leopards cannot change their spots and change for the better, even if they say or pretend to try!

Despite the initial uncertainties, any administration without them is better. It was based and set up under the wrong foundations, so cannot be built upon however hard one tries.   

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