Thursday, April 16, 2015

Politics has lost its head, hands, face and body – let’s throw it out forthwith.

Is there a truly concerned citizen of Sri Lanka, who wants to get into Politics for altruistic reasons? If there is one without money to throw around, I cannot find anyone, as they just don’t have a chance. People are unable to distinguish between the person who is willing to be the servant of the people and the politician who wants to be the lord of the people.

There-in lies the distinction. There are strange bedfellows at work, and alliances that are irrational, and we expect people to forgive and forget. IN such a highly politicized country, people’s feelings are easily upset, and when politicians act in ways, that others disapprove, even the politician cannot figure out why he or she has fallen out of favor, due to some minor transgression of an act of omission or commission that is looked at unfavorably.

It is for this reason that I do not wish to enter the fray, as there are too many expectations that are humanly hard if not impossible to fulfil. Be if non-attendance of a funeral house, unbeknownst to one, can cause as much damage as going to one of the opposing camp. Actually the latter can reach more people especially converts to your cause and be more productive, but is NOT seen as such by your own party supporters, to whom one has to constantly give credence.

Politics SL style requires face time, name recognition, constant presence at functions, listening to unending speeches, and being on the right side of the local mainly Buddhist Clergy who have a powerful and actually destructive hold on their flock. They are able to manipulate, threaten and contrive reasons for wasting funds on the welfare of temples, which are NOT in want.  

Therefore people who should be in the legislature, will not even consider it as they have better things to do with their time. It can be argued therefore that due to this required time wasting on useless functions it is best to just have people who have nothing better to do to enter this field!!! That is a preposterous hypotheses for our politicians and lawmakers!

Functions in 2015 are a waste of time. We have to wean the people from this need to have politicos attend every silly event, where in reality their presence should NOT add any useful purpose. Time is taken away from important affairs of state of running the Country to attend, a book launch, giving prefects their badges, or placing the crown on a stupa! Why must an elected representative do this? I can quote numerous more examples of this, but it is truly wasteful to get a politician to drive for miles to attend this. Signing for weddings is another in a long line of wasteful duties!!

These days it is New Year Festivals where lighting the oil lamps, and giving speeches are the order of the day. Then there are sports meets, prize givings, placing foundation stones or opening of minor buildings added to this list, and it is never ending.

Let us gradually stop this nonsense that does not exist in most countries, and expect efficiency, reliability responsibility and accountability from our overloaded politicians.  

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