Monday, April 20, 2015

The Speaker is completely out of line IF he has summoned the DG Bribery Commission to explain why his BRO has been called to answer questions!

Firstly what has happened to “Yahapalanaya” Where Chamal is asking the DG to answer why MR who is not an MP is called to answer Questions~  He should recuse himself and ask someone else to opine as he is not an independent party here! 

Secondly the PURPOTED 84 MPs who signed a petition are ALSO out of line as it is NOT in their purview to question what the DG of the Bribery Commission has asked, as they have the power to question anyone and don’t have to answer to anyone as to WHY!!!

So WHERE IS THE MEDIA IN NOT EXPLAINING TO THE READER why the opposition MPs are out of line in their request, and they are ONLY making a spectacle of themselves for Media to report, and as usual the dumb media fell for it.

The PUBLIC are being made fools of by the MPs and the MEDIA. The public who should be informed of what is right and wrong, and proper procedure are not being apprised of the law, and what the Speaker can and cannot do, and leave it to the imagination to find out if those jokers in Parliament are within their rights or not.

Petitions of the MPs are of NO VALUE. So why are they doing this? Simply so the Moronic Sri Lankan slaves called the Media, who will sell their mothers for the proverbial bottle of arrack can indulge in the worst form of journalism possible, and make a fool of themselves to those who are knowledgeable and trick the unsuspecting person into believing the opposite of what is true.

Time for some strong words for the media, from a respected person out of the political fray to remind them of their duty. If a politician does this the Media will take revenge on that politician, such is the lack of credibility of Sri Lanka media, and fail to understand that criticism of their part is fair, and that they MUST seriously change if they are to restore the credibility they lost in 10 years of MR rule where they ate from his table in every sense of the word, prostituting their profession to the highest bidder!

MR has NO rights under the Constitution as he is NOT a Parliamentarian. He is simply a citizen who has made humongous mistakes and is asked to explain himself. So for example if the allegation is small, like that he promised a Cabinet post to Tissa Attanayake for crossing over, then he has bribed TA into leaving his party, and is clearly a bribe to defect at a crucial moment, and must pay the price of breaking the law, so what’s the fuss?

Gota is sulking saying there is a conspiracy, as he is another pig headed buffoon who cannot understand that he too has erred and so is held to account for those transgressions, no matter how well he behaved or what other services he rendered that were good. People who feel proud of their accomplishments cannot take blame for their sins, and that lack of humility is what makes them, unworthy of any flattery or remembered for their positive actions as they are too swollen headed in their own image building to forget that it is all just hot air that can blow over and be replaced by cold air when they are unable to blow their own trumpet and anymore. Let sense prevail and the LAW FINALLY TAKE ITS COURSE.           

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