Friday, May 8, 2015

Historic win for the Tories in the UK - May 2015

 – and a similar problem in their Scottish North to our North. Scottish Nationalists  who win 56 of 59 seats across the border are they headed for Independence?

The problems with the first past the post is apparent when the UKIP party with 13% of the vote only wins one seat, and the SNP with far fewer votes that UKIP win 56 seats in total.

It is times like this when 13% of the population voting UKIP have hardly any representation in Westminster, the Scots with far fewer numbers voting for them, like 4% of the population, manage to get over 9% of the seats up for grabs! So the Scots are over represented in Westminster and worse they want to be independent of them too!

With the resignations of the three people most to lose, Clegg, Milliband and Farage have resigned immediately within 30 minutes of each other, the current PM has gone to the Palace and the Queen has asked him already to come back to form a Government.

So what of the future.

Cameron can rule by himself NOT wishing to ally himself with any other party. That gives him a certain amount of freedom to do implement his plans. However he will have a problem with the thorny Scots, who despite all their complaints do get a better share of the allocations for Education, Health etc. compared to the population, though they are far worse off than their neighbors in England who have homes worth  on average 5 times those of the average Scottish Home and the rate of growth of home values in the past 10 years has been phenomenal in the South!

The economy of the UK will boom now, with a stable government, but the issue of the EU referendum will hang on for a while, but I am sure it will be settled soon, as no one wants to the send the people who provide cheap labor namely the Eastern Europeans, especially the highly educated and hard-working Poles, who no one would like to lose, will ensure that the vote will be in for of remaining in the EU no matter what one says.

Congratulations, with a clear 5 year run, when after that the reigns will be handed over to the charismatic Boris, and Cameron will leave gracefully to a full retirement to be on the Boards of huge Corporations, that will rake in Millions of pounds of retainers which will keep him in comfort for the rest of his life. This is to say nothing of the Pension he is likely to receive as an ex PM of so many years standing. A tribute to the Eton and Oxford pedigree still commanding the presence that few other schools seem to be able to match.

So what does it say for us in Sri Lanka? All these leaders are in their 40s and that means they have the vision and energy to lead.

It is time we in Sri Lanka throw out the lot over 40 and bring in some new people, we have NOT heard of who will do a better job than those currently in office. Don’t forget they voted in a Scottish lass of 20 who will be sitting for her finals at Glasgow University, in Public Policy and Politics after the new Parliament is sworn in.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL over 33% of the MP are WOMEN!!!! DIG IT  

How does that compare with less than 5% in Sri Lanka, shame!      

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