Thursday, April 23, 2015

What goes around comes around! The Rajapakse turning circle - bribery and abuse of power

The sheer death defying arrogance of a family, who collectively made all decisions of any consequence in Sri Lanka, now implying that it is a politically motivated witch-hunt, is due to their judging the scene from their own perspective and standards.

In an era where nothing was done other than through their demands, insistance and authorization, when suddenly there is Governance where Servants of the State are finally using the powers vested in them by Act of Parliament, and are exercising this authority, they sometimes misunderstand ‘doing their job’ for Witch-hunt. It must be remembered who it was who engaged in witch-hunts.

Does anyone doubt that the Sarath Fonseka saga was a witch-hunt? So when you falsely accuse someone of wrongs on trumped up charges, you don’t see your own imperious acts of defiance as being illegal. It is time you faced the full force of the law.

Who said governing was easy. If you go above your remit you are liable to be taken to task for it one day, and whilst you believe you can rule forever, facts prove otherwise. It is with this in mind that the enormous malpractices, that the Rajapakse’s don’t believe they engaged in as they are unable to distinguish between criminal acts, and  those that are not, is what is at fault, and NOT the system under which they are investigated.

It is therefore very important that the Law is allowed to take its course, and the Media inform the ignorant public that “the law is finally taking over from lawlessness”. This is what we need to explain to the uninitiated on what is happening, that it is a normal part of accountability for actions outside their areas of responsibility, and breaking the law.

We have just heard that Ghotabaya’s Lawyers have asked for time in coming up with explanations for his actions, and therefore released when he was just about to be arrested for crimes. It is giving him the benefit of the doubt, something not given in his regime.

If you take the Ghota case there are thousands of his supporters, who because he cleaned up Colombo, made walkways and restored old buildings with Military Precision, cannot believe he is a criminal, must understand that the most upstanding person can later be found out to be a serial rapist, a child abuser, a wife beater or extortionist or amassed illegal wealth

It is better that Ghota realizes that he is not squeaky clean, and his supporters realize he must pay for his sins, like they must, if they are found similarly accused. There is NO Doubt that with good legal advise he along with all the Rajapakse’s will plead guilty to some minor misdemeanor, to get off from major indictments, and thus fool the people that they were NOT guilty of the more serious crime. It is for the people to understand how the law works, and know that the suspects are given the benefit of the doubt and were able to get away with the PLUNDER and NOT that they are NOT GUILTY, but the price they will have to pay may come to them after their deaths! In their time there was NO LAW!

     We must understand the reality of life. There is luck, good fortune, and that applies      to crooks as well as saints, and ultimately there is justice if not in this world then in      the next!

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  1. For the record, Mahinda Rajapakse is an alcoholic and each time you visit him, he smells as if he has downed at least a bottle of some heavy licqour.

    I don't know if that is because he has not been able to come to terms with this loss, or that is how he is normally.

    However at this level of alcohol infested braggado I dont want him anywhere near the corridors of power again.

    Let him drink himself, blast everyone and offer people the fortune to contest on his behalf here and there. It that makes him happy let him while away his time trying to improve his ego and the ego of the person he is offereing shit loads of cash, all ill gotten anyway so he can offer.

    Good luck to this pathetic specimen who people still venerate as they have no clue what he is really like!