Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jagath Wijeweera present Director General of Customs (AKA Crook)

is outed as a rogue and a traitor, involved in defrauding the GOSL of Tax Revenues due – who else is complicit?

Read the article in the link in detail including Col Dayananda’s comment, so that one is quite clear as to the intentions of and patriotism of the accuser Kodituwakku who has NO party loyalty and only to his profession and oath he has undertaken to fulfill.

Any other Customs officer who is guilty should own up, and resign before being outed next and made to kneel down, be named and shamed.

You don’t want that for your children’s sake, and for the sake of the neighbors, who have not yet realized that your palace is out of ill gotten gains, at the expense of the people of Sri Lanka.

There is NO witchhunt. Make no bones about the fact that the Country has lost Billions of dollars due to corruption and fraud, and the people have suffered due to this. It is not a zero sum game, and so there has to be a price that has to be paid by those who are guilty.

It will take years for all those guilty and for some of the horrendous crimes of these supposedly upstanding individuals to come to light. Nevertheless they will eventually surface with dire consequences for the perpetrator.

Don’t forget how many years it took for the VAT fraudsters to get caught. They thought the money they defrauded was significant enough to buy their freedom here or overseas. Let me tell you that it is not enough. No amount of money is enough, and it is time the Rajapakses who are shedding crocodile tears realize how much they have taken because to them a billion dollar swindle is pocket change.

Pocket change or not, there is a time when the skeletons come out of the closet and you are naked in the open, having to face your maker and your accuser, you cannot hide under anyone’s coat tails. We must return to a country of law and order, and forever extinguish the desire of some people who believe they are above the law.

Customs has a history of bumping off the honest whilst nurturing the crooked. It is time that it changes. If this DG is in this game he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest for his wrongdoings and face the music big time. Only then will the message trickle down that they cannot get away.

This is a legacy of the Rajapakse legacy of greed that the Customs shared, where effectively every penny they took meant the country was short changed out of 10 pennies, and it all amounts to a huge amount of money. Do not for a moment hanker after a return of the Rajapkase legacy as it has destroyed the lives of thousands of people, because it is peoples money that has been purloined, which would otherwise have given them a better quality of life. So here’s to the 5,000,000 who have really suffered, three cheers!              

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