Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Does a son have to protest on behalf of his father in Parliament? If so why as there is no basis in law, and he purports to be a lawyer.

The problem with many of the die hard MR supporters is that to them, there is NO LAW but the law of the jungle. So they have either prospered under the MR regime, or blinded by their actions, and as people utterly selfish have not been able to see what is at the heart of the MR regime.

10 Years of appealing to the people’s basest instincts and a desire for people to hero worship a person after winning a war, that appears to give them carte blanche to rape and plunder a country, just because the people are foolish enough to accept whatever the leader does as right, as they are unable or more like incapable of analyzing what is happening just under their own feet, ruining and raping a country of its resources, and making unprincipled decisions by allowing China to make unsolicited investment ideas, without our having the brains to ask why they have come up with. Is it love for us, or for the longer term survival of China, using us a beautiful tropical country, so that there citizens who have more money to throw can have a great retirement at our expense!

The ignorant be it even members of the first family, or not, have no idea why they support a person even if he is a known devil. Is it because we so desperately want a strong rogue, to a less persuasive person of calmer undertones, not making a fool of himself?

Time to wonder very carefully, what the psychology of our people is? Do they want someone to make the decisions without any checks and balances as we are confident he will protect this country? How can we be so foolish as to entrust our Country to people who are likely to ruin it, and we are incapable of stopping their action.

How can anyone in their right minds support any of the policies of Mahinda Rajapakse, especially due to the daily exposure of large scale squandering of the resources of our people which will have to be repaid with interest paid to China at exorbitant interest rates.

There is even a whole class who does not care how much is borrowed and at what interest rate as they believe it is not them who have to pay for it. They have a complete disconnect of who are the citizens of this Country and what their responsibilities as citizens are!

The mind boggles as we try to educate the people on the wrong doings and find it hard for them to comprehend that serious misdemeanors were carried out without any care by the previous administration and people really are hankering for this authoritarian mob to return to continue their activity unimpeded.

There is a complete lack of understanding of what has happened to Sri Lanka since the historic January 8th election.

It is time we explain to them, that they now live in an era that they cannot compare with before. It is simply NOT comparable it is simply as much a difference of chalk and cheese that means that the new order has to be seen in a new light. It is time that the media wake up from their slumber, take up the cudgel and rise up to the occasion before it is too late.             

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