Friday, February 1, 2013

The disgraceful rogues close to the President are now labeled in Australia

Australian papers have carried the news today (February 1st 2013) of a close associate of the President, who has made money in various deals in a disgraceful manner, who is was behind the people smuggling racket of sending people in boats! This person variously described as a monitoring MP for the foreign office and one time agent for a new airline, taking with him sufficient to purchase two new helicopters is named and shamed. We do not know how much of the Rs800,000 non-refundable often charged from people he has in fact received. I leave it to the reader to surmise. 

I understand that the SL Consul in Australia, Bandula Jayasekera has the ignominious task of denying this allegation which the Australian Intelligence has notified the Australian Government of, and which has now leaked, with the Aus govt claiming the know nothing as they do not want to admit to anything their secret service gets up to.  Bandula J Consul, is claiming that the Australian Govt. is trying to besmirch the good name of the Govt. and strongly denies the allegations.

It would be better if he did not try to deny the actions of the Govt. as they are indefensible, but the rights of innocent people in Sri Lanka, who require representation for justice and fair treatment need such cancers removed. If he took up their cause he would be a celebrity firstly in his home country, and be well received in Australia as a humanist and not a mouthpiece for an administration that has now lost all credibility in the world, bar a handful of despotic countries where their stock is still high!

No doubt by tomorrow the Sri Lanka papers will be full of the news as it is now racing across all the newspapers in Australia. I am surprised and actually, I should not be, as the sycophant in question has absolutely no qualms in his pursuit of the largess through his association with the Ruler, which gives him effective immunity from all prosecution and drives fear into the law enforcement service when confronted by his illegal acts.

I presume when the person lives by illegal means one robbery or embezzlement is as good as the next, and when one is not prosecuted for that, then it just breeds a monster with no ability to prevent its expansion. Worse either his patron is deaf to the cries of people around him of his transgressions, or he is in collusion for the spoils of the crime. This is why we must be careful about everything that is done in the name of a democratically elected government in Sri Lanka as what seems is NOT what is in fact.

Let us pray that sooner rather than later that law breakers are brought to book, for the good of the hardworking people of Sri Lanka who would otherwise wish to follow the example of the rogues operating under the patronage of the personages who purport to protect the people, namely the Servants of the people!!!

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