Monday, February 18, 2013

UK – Independent Newspaper today– all about SL and arms deals!

The Independent a UK newspaper’s editorial on Sunday was about the UK hypocrisy with regards SL. See link

Today’s issue shows the issue as a “Headline” in the paper. See link

Under the independent voices section of the Sunday paper of 17th February the issue is further discussed. See link

What in summary is all the fuss about? Firstly it shows that there is nothing that comes in the way of business. Even the UK despite its lofty rhetoric with regards to HR abuses, will do business with a devil of a regime.

So there is no point looking to the UK or any of their patrons for relief, especially as the Tamil Diaspora are still intent on seeing the whole issue as a race based one when in fact we are dealing with a dictatorial regime, that really does not care who they massacre or threaten to achieve their ends. It is this Tamil centric viewpoint that is preventing the opposition within Sri Lanka from getting any traction to attack the Government action.

In short the UK is mired in the past and not in the present. The LTTE defeat is still foremost in the UK mindset without a proper appreciation of the huge challenge that faces all who oppose the Govt. especially the Sinhala people who speak both for their community and all other communities and not one in isolation.

It is time the UK Government at least realize that to help Sri Lanka win its battle for legitimacy they must stop playing the race card with the Govt. that only solidifies its support base. It must completely change direction in supporting the combines opposition campaign against oppression, repression, corruption, and manipulation towards a select few who hold an iron grip over everything!

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