Friday, February 22, 2013

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) – An opinion on Dayan Jayatilleka’s words

In a recent article Dayan Jayatilleka, most recently our envoy in Paris see link:

The gist of his article was the rise of the BBS the ethno religious group, which is bent on showing the rest of the world what a fundamentalist view of the rights of Buddhists in Sri Lanka is. That further cements (unfairly) world opinion on the supposed racist undercurrents of the Sinhala Buddhists, which with an alliance of Tamil and Muslim factions, encouraged by world opinions will eventually rise against it, and be the death knell of the Sinhala people courtesy of the Rajapakse regime, which by its current inaction is in fact condoning its spread (by default). I request a correction if my assumption here is wrong.

While I would not at present go so far as saying that the BBS is anything more than a fundamentalist minority view, I do agree it has the potential of directing moderates to their view depending on the world and local minority reaction, and further cementing the strength of the BBS movement and also the strength amassed against it by a radical opposition of Tamils and Muslims.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for the Govt. to suppress this movement forthwith, and the moderate elders in the Sangha disassociate themselves from this movement, explaining clearly how dangerous such extreme views are firstly, due to their gross distortion of the facts, and then of manipulating small grievances into ones that seems to snowball due to the inaction of the Govt. and the moderate forces, lending it tacit support.

So if the security of minorities in Sri Lanka is threatened, then external forces will use the R2P doctrine to directly interfere in the internal affairs of SL, further resulting in the conflagration getting out of control with the resulting destruction of Sri Lanka as we know it. That is far-fetched at the moment, but nevertheless the outcome if it is not disbanded and need I say it, brutally repressed as there is no way of putting these traitorous priests, both traitorous to the Country, and to Buddhism.

India will be the net gainer taking pleasure at our misfortune!!

It puts the Govt. in a tight spot of their own creation, and serves them right for believing they will have an electoral benefit from so doing. In fact it will heavily backfire and looks like the beginning of the end of their rule. What do we the lesser mortals do on this? We simply must try and explain to our constituency that the end result of this is a blow up and we must resolve small issues in a considerate manner, not allowing them to get to a seemingly insoluble problem. Therein lies my request in the earlier entry for the case for halal needing a review that is sensible, and not permit one set of idiots to allow another set of idiots to raise hell.  

With regards to minority communities, my appeal is NOT to go after your ethnic political parties for succor as all it does is pit these forces one against the other, and to have a nationalist view and teach this Govt. and its traitorous backers by a lesson by replacing them with the one force that can unite all factions under the flag.

THE BBS clearly said we elected you (UPFA) with our Sinhala Buddhist vote so we expect you to protect us and agree with our plan. So it is direct appeal by them to the UPFA voters, and if there is no effective counter to this it is only the minority parties to blame for the resulting explosion.

There is NO third or sundry force. The choice is clear as daylight. A country represented by a party committed to the UNITED country or to a DIVIDED country. Choose the one you wish to live in!

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