Friday, February 22, 2013

Crimes of one does not justify the crimes of another

It is simply for this reason that GOSL is held accountable for the war crimes, whilst the LTTE terror group, as it has ceased to exist is not absolved, but cannot be prosecuted for their crimes. The remaining criminals of the LTTE are hiding under the sarong of Mahinda Rajapakse in seeking protection from their unpardonable crimes, with the most notable being Karuna, an MR minister, and KP an MR acolyte having paid billions in cash for his survival.

It is time those responsible are brought to book, and so absolve the Country of the same guilt. When leaders hide behind the Country, by not facing accusations head on without fear, then they lower the credibility of the Country and are traitors to the Country. If one is not guilty of crimes, one must be able to face any allegation without reservation, and that is how people of character and true leaders must act.

Dragging Sri Lanka for the 4th Consecutive year has proffered pariah status on Sri Lanka and the traitorous leaders of Sri Lanka MUST share the blame and face an internal court into the allegation of treachery. Only then will this nonsense stop. There is no smoke without fire, and we cannot go on blaming the Tamil Diaspora for internally generated problems. Further using the canard of “territorial integrity” that means absolutely nothing in 2013, where we have no territorial integrity, due to the actions of our leaders, when 2M of our citizens slave abroad to fund this country’s survival and that of the Regime, is a meaningless cloak to hide behind.

Now like-minded Countries that also wish to hide under the same cloak like Uganda, and Kenya are called upon to support a treacherous regime further highlighting the common criminality of our leaders. We in Sri Lanka should be ashamed of our leaders, not proud of them in the wake of everything that has been done diplomatically since the end of the conflict to perpetuate the pariah status they have bestowed on Sri Lanka. There is NO point saying the Tamil Diaspora are to blame for every international political snafu this govt. has committed. All the leaders have done is to give them ammunition, further enhancing their treachery. This fact blinds our people to a lie, as they do not understand what treachery is!

We are a proud nation that can stand on its own feet with no interference or help from anyone else. However the actions of its elected leaders casts a pall over the competence of our electorate to see right from wrong and therefore plunge the whole nation into the abyss of a failed state due to a few calculated acts of vengeance, that has no place in human decency. Eventually it will be the people of this country that will rise up and teach our traitors a lesson they will never forget!

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