Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winning the LTTE war with the HR abuses permitted GOSL a free hand


The world is focused on bringing to book the GOSL violations during the LTTE war. This has permitted the GOSL to commit gross violations of HR on a daily basis, which are now under the radar, as the Tamil Diaspora have made every effort to keep the atrocities at the end of the war on the front burner.

I noted in my previous blog entry that doing so permits all of the current abuses to be swept under the carpet. For a future dictator this is a great lesson in committing no limit of violations in as short a space of time. These will not be prosecuted and one can use the example of Sri Lanka to figure out why.

There is NO mechanism for a serving dictator to be brought to justice for his violations of HR. That is why it is very dangerous to have a dictator who is not able to be magnanimous in victory. Only such a person will take the victory in his stride and develop the nation with the vanquished as an integral part of the team.

One unsure of himself, will always see “reds under the bed” and continue their previous persona to a different set of enemies. History is replete with such people. True to form, with Hitler the most recent example of this type of behavior will mesmerize their constituency to a degree, that the faults of the person are not apparent by the level of disinformation through the very clever use of media.

This is a good example for historians to remind a grateful public in the 21st Century that people are not always what they are perceived to be, especially those whom their country revere as great war time leaders. Even the indefatigable Winston Churchill lost the General Election soon after the end of the War, and through that example is remembered as a National Hero.

Mahinda Rajapakse got an insufferable mandate after the war which turned him into a person who did not care for the laws, behavioral norms, and attitude to plunder his country’s resources. When he realized he could borrow as much as he wanted to do what he wanted, he took that route of least resistance as he had no one within his administration with the backbone to show him how much damage it will do to the future finances of his country once he has done plundering, borrowing and defaulting, due to the unproductive and profligate use of borrowed funds. Then he misused the media, knowing the intellectual capacity of his electorate into fooling them that all was well under his stewardship, and he further bought and kept under tight reign his band of ministers and MPs to pay obeisance at the point of a gun. The gun being the threat of all their perks being removed.
We are now bequeathed a sycophantic populace whose sole reason for this behavior is the hope that by such action, they will rise above their neighbor who abhors such. In a short time when one set of tricks fail to keep the populace enthralled another will be resorted to.

The latest in the line of alternatives is the encouragement of fringe fundamentalist religious groupings like the Bodu Bala Sena to set their own agenda as long as in the end it will be a card that the GOSL can use in case of emergency. A sort of contingency plan of fear. If they sense a loss in the popular perception, an appeal to the baser instincts of our people using religion as a prop, and the defender of the religion as the GOSL, they will try to take the focus from the daily crises in life to an imagined and manufactured crisis, that will eventually engulf the country in a series of unimaginable events of chaos, race and religious riots in short.

This short lesson in history is so that we can predict the outcome of expected events in advance and therefore take action before they happen. It is also an appeal to the sane amongst the readership to think about what has been written. If they believe that this is a likely scenario, then they should spread this information to those who will listen and go from mouth to mouth and convince the people that this steady progression into the abyss of history has to be checked.

In short a too powerful head of state is not what our forefathers intended, and worse not one who will misuse the power to suppress dissent. Without checks and balances as safeguards, the Regime runs the country like a “tea kade” with little planning, coordination, example, and foresight. They are incompetent managers unable to get the best out of their men, but in fact get the worst from their hands. This will eventually lead to the breakdown of this society, and disappearance of a great country.

It is not too late to make a change, with the help of the people who can see where we are heading. That is most of us who are not getting anything for free from this regime. IT is our duty to change the order of priorities and then act in the best interests of Sri Lanka, putting our personal desires on the back burner for a while and instead work as patriots to change the system of Govt. So spread the word, explain the irony, call in the reserves and put the nation first. Determine the most effective communication means to get the message across and counter the misinformation network that spews out lies and now has added hate to the list.

Go forward without fear, as what you are doing is the correct path. It will save the country from further plunder, be it earth, sand, water, rock, trees, forests, animal life, that has desecrated the sacred ground of our forefathers these past few years.

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