Saturday, February 9, 2013

Police/ Property/ Greed at the base of another killing – Monk in Moratuwa the latest

The Sinhala Sunday papers are full of the gruesome details of the killing of the Chief Incumbent Monk of the Sunandonanda Viharaya in Egodauyana, Moratuwa. So why was he killed, by whom and why were his alleged killers who were arrested, found murdered some distance away in Bandaragama? This creates more questions than answers. So the Police also get protection from the UPFA are appear faultless!

It also appears that both the monk and the killers obtain protection from the same sources, namely the UPFA Government! Let this be a reminder to all who follow the UPFA antics, that all murders have now turned inward, with murders amongst your own each vying for something the other has, namely to be more greedy!!

As I understand it the matter was due to the ownership of a disused strip of land that had been occupied by people after the 2004 Tsunami, which the Monk maintained was Temple property for which he had the deeds.

Let us sincerely hope an independent impartial investigation is held to get to the bottom of the murder, but as has been the case in all murders associated with UPFA politicians there have been NO resolutions to the earlier murders and we rightfully cannot expect any from here.

Here again the Deputy Mayor of Moratuwa was arrested and remanded, more for his personal security than anything else. Will we see a proper investigation and the real culprits apprehended, prosecuted, and imprisoned? I rather think not.

More alarming failures in Law Enforcement also have come to light and added to gravity of the safety of the citizen in Sri Lanka. Despite many complaints of death threats, and even after going to the POLICE, a few hours before the murder to report imminent threat to his life, the Police apparently took NO notice of it.

Fact – the Sri Lankan state cannot protect a citizen who goes to a police station to complain about an imminent threat to his life. The police have become impotent forgetting their main job of protecting the people within its jurisdiction, and have now become lackeys of politicians engaging in scams to benefit themselves. They are no longer POLICE, they are now “Lackeys”.

Fact – the Sri Lankan police kill who they arrest in connection with a crime, as it is the simplest method of disposing of the file, even though there may be a more guilty person who does not get into the net, and therefore gets off scott free.

Fact – the Sri Lankan police have more criminals amongst its ranks as compared with the population at large, but do not get prosecuted due to the age old protection of fellow officers system.

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