Monday, February 25, 2013

Remember when MR went to Geneva to complain about the HR abuses of the SL Govt.

It is very interesting to note how tables have been turned on the President in a way that I am sure he in his wildest dreams would not have imagined. It is also ironic that as a forceful defender of Human Rights with knowledge of the Law he (MR) was caught at BIA trying to take evidence to Geneva about abuses by the then SL govt. is now himself accused of even more heinous crimes.

I am also very sad that the world community did not come out against the Human Rights abuse then, of mass killings, a reminder of which we now have in the Matale 200 skeletons episode. The Tamil Diaspora lead pressure on the UNHCR should not detract from the SL history of HR abuses, not restricted to a short episode during the LTTE violence. Further SL’s HR violation history must be weighed against other HR violations by Govt.s developed and developing against their citizens and also against others, in war in determining how to proceed.

Of course laws get updated, and practices solidified with time, and so only laws pertaining to the crimes at the time; the crimes committed subsequently are generally prosecuted. Otherwise the gross abuses by the Slave owning British and Americans will take pride of place amongst crimes against humanity.

Let us then view in perspective the delegation from the TNA to Geneva that is being labeled as being traitorous to the motherland. They are accusing the elected Govt. in SL over HR violations against the people they represent. If they are traitors so was Mahinda Rajapakse then and so either you put the same moniker on MR or you drop the allegation. You cannot have a finger pointed one way for one and the other for same crime of treachery.

I have persisted in this blog of damning our President for wasting the peace dividend, neigh squandering it completely as the biggest act of treachery in Sri Lanka in the21st Century. I know I am right, and only history will be the judge as people today do not have the education and the comprehension until the resultant consequences of this action come to pass. When it comes to pass, it will be as obvious as day follows night, and the whole nation will be scratching its collective head as to why they were unable or blind to the crimes against the country taking place right in front of them and they being fooled into impotence.

There is a diplomatic and natural way to Counter the TNA delegation to Geneva so they gain NO traction, and it is laid bare here. Let us own up and move forward.

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