Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Practice of elimination of all no matter how innocent is as old as time

The Conscious order to kill 12yr Balachandran Prabarkaran is NOT a surprise as his age or demeanor was never a factor. Even if there was evidence that VP had a 6 month infant he or she would ALSO have been killed. So it is surprising that there is so much surprise as to the age of the child. Mercifully he did not appear to be tortured. If he was the son of a nobody then HE WOULD NOT have been killed.

I am in no way justifying murder as it was cold blooded as it gets. It was also premeditated as inevitable, as the thinking in the higher echelons was that to eliminate the LTTE once and for all, anyone that could in future take up the standard was fair game, and so was this boy. In the same way Wijeweera and anyone who could remotely have been considered by the regime of the time who could have taken up the mantle, was killed. It is as commons as day follows night.

If one goes back in time, the massacre of the whole family of the Czar by the Bolsheviks including women and children shot execution style by firing squad comes to mind. It is how a conqueror ensures that there is NO threat to their new found power, when all potential and future competition is deemed eliminated.

Those who want to extract blood, are bent on taking this challenge of the killing all the way to the UNHRC, and there is enough proof to do so, but it will never result in the person issuing the order being charged, let alone sent to the gallows or do time. It is the way international terrorist groups are dealt with and so the regime in SL is safe from whatever is thrown at them.

The Sri Lankan opposition does not wish to go the path of the Challengers because they can clearly see NO political advantage in so doing, if the intention was to get rid of the LTTE. They do not condone the killing, but neither will they gather a crowd to march against this atrocity, as there are far more pressing issues today, that need to be solved to remove the tyrant in power, with provable crimes.

It is therefore worthless and I believe harmful for the LTTE Diaspora to hang their hat on this event and try and get the Regime blacklisted. The killing of this one child pales into insignificance when one looks at the pictures of the LTTE massacres of innocents in churches, temples and mosques over the years so it is quite disingenuous of them to prey on this. It is best for them to concentrate on the treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka, and any discrimination that is real as then they will get credibility from the people they purport to defend and represent. I appeal to the Diaspora to prioritize their demands and not just try and earn political points.

This blog post read in conjunction with the previous entry may seem to contradict each other, but do not mis-interpret what I am saying. I am saying a crime has been committed and we know who is guilty. I am  merely saying that there is no way he would have been spared if captured, and Praba if he had any sense would have sent him overseas. I am also saying further that this issue alone will not be used by the International Community to prosecute the accused, and therefore it would be best to concentrate on the more immediate and more important issues, by prioritizing.

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