Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I challenge HRW – Because of your stance, GOSL has worsened the HR record in SL

Human Rights Watch in its latest salvo has reiterated their past demands see link

This makes them an easy target for the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) as they play right into the trap set for them. With daily atrocities being carried out around the world, by countries of much higher standing and democratic values engaged in sinister HR violations, where is the censure? One series of incidents focusing on a small time period in history, when after considerable HR violations by an elected Govt. they were in fact able to defeat the world’s most feared and abusive terror group once and for all sounds like a hill of beans to me as one of concern to the rest of the world except for the Tamil Diaspora.

These allegations are like water off a ducks back to the GOSL. Worse they use it as foreign and LTTE infiltrated evidence, that there is an INGO and Diaspora conspiracy against GOSL that they want the public to be aware of and that the GOSL will protect the territorial integrity of SL from being violated.

This kind of allegation is what the GOSL has made a business of thriving on for domestic consumption. GOSL only fears India due to their proximity, well entrenched Secret Service penetration in SL and their power to destabilize. It appears that India has enough problems of their own to contain, and look on the SL issue as one in which the GOSL is doing their bidding, by keeping the international community engaged in a war of attrition, leaving India all the freedom to penetrate, destabilize, and arouse racial and religious fervor within SL by RAW.

Skin HRW and what do you get? An INGO drawing funds from various lobbies, countries or sundry groups. The Tamil lobby provides enough direct and indirect support that makes it easy for the Asia director of HRW to do his work. Even the statements made to the Geneva HRC may be done via the Diaspora, and issued by HRW. It is important to appreciate that the organization’s paid employees are just NGO types, not tasked with a proper productivity evaluation, just a performance one. SO they can show their bosses they have issued statements often by rote.

To be effective HRW must take up a relevant case today, that will stand scrutiny in an international court, where SL breaks international law, and brought to the notice of an international body that can action a special censure branding the culprits. There are plenty of cases in Sri Lanka to choose from so why is there no action? Simply put it involves too much work for the staff, and there is no one pushing it with funds and influence, unlike the Tamil issue by the Diaspora.  

It is time that HRW look inwards, and consider productivity and performance. A few pointers will show those people on the Governing Board that they have appointed well paid PR agents, and people NOT effective in holding HR violators to account. When there is so much going on in the world that requires their immediate action, to prevent, they keep harping on an issue that will be played on the world stage for many years, but which will never get resolved satisfactorily as the facts are stubbornly refuted and the evidence NOT sufficiently convincing to convict.

We are not disputing that the HR violations happened. However we are quite clear that there is little intention of anyone to prosecute as there are people with more blood on their hands in the countries that have a vote to convict. 

The most effective way to reduce the HR violations in SL or anywhere else is to catch someone in the act and prosecute immediately before it becomes time barred! This will also act as a deterrent. If this had been in place earlier none of the atrocities attributed to GOSL would have occurred. Those horrendous atrocities attributed to the LTTE however would have happened irrespective of censure or threat.

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