Saturday, February 16, 2013

The President confirms it is a country without laws – by his action!

Think about it! The SMS just came that said the President orders the IGP to perform an immediate investigation into the shooting of a Sunday Leader Journalist today. Consider the statement carefully and realize further that it is the President who is at the back of everything after every event ordering someone or another to do something. It is called micro managing the country or is it called one man rule! To me it forewarns of the latter. Important national issues are ignored.

If there was a proper set rules and regulations in Sri Lanka the SMS would read, "The IGP orders an immediate investigation into the Shooting of a journalist." He would then resign if it is followed by the President saying the same thing, as he would say, Sir, let me run my business and you run yours, but as you wish to run mine, I am resigning so that you can take over my job, as that is what you seem to want. 

It is simple really - There is just NO management of the country by the present Administration and people are just being fooled into believing that there actually is a government.

If there were proper laws in this country, then a shooting of anyone calls for an “immediate investigation” otherwise vital information may disappear or the crime scene becomes contaminated and time is of the essence, if the law enforcement officers are to make headway. So the requirement of the President to order an immediate investigation means in effect that under normal circumstances there will be no such investigation. Considering the number of journalists who have either been killed or maimed to date, there has not been EVEN ONE prosecution and conviction.

Is the Government implying that there have been no harm done to journalists? Well that is the implication of no arrests and no prosecutions, surely no other meaning.

It is quite clear that there is NO rule of law in Sri Lanka today, because if there was all crimes will be investigated and one would not have the President asking the IGP to investigate, as he will normally have procedures in place to immediately take appropriate action if he really is the IGP.

I fail to understand why people in Sri Lanka don’t see the irony in these micro management statements, as they seem to expect the President to keep on making them for every emergency and eventuality. In other countries the head of state only interferes in special instances that require overriding powers in the case of a national emergency situation. This micro management belittles the action of the head of state to just a local busy body interfering in all and sundry issues from a traffic accident to minor flood, whilst ignoring matters of substance such as the discovery of over 100 skeletons in Matale with implications of a massacre of innocents, as one worthy of his intervention attention.

To the rational critic it seems that this action is meant to fool people into a false sense of security where matters of national importance are swept under a carpet and common or garden occurrences receive center stage. The media is also being used as this event will now have the President’s moniker on it when there should be none

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