Saturday, February 16, 2013

We always knew the Defense Ministry had a slush fund – Now we know why?

The Ministry of Defense like the CIA have slush funds for various controversial projects aimed at reinforcing the defenses of the nation and whether we like it or not most countries in the world have such funds to defend the interests of the country.

It has now come to light  that the money in the Defense Ministry slush fund, is used to fund the Bodu Bala Sena (as if they need any funding from the ilks of GR the defense secretary)

I now question if the Defense Ministry is in the business of attacking the nation and not defending it. After all this action directly attacks the country and calls for people to create chaos within Sri Lanka leading to destabilization. So is it a covert ploy by the US by using its most famous citizen in Sri Lanka, the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense to attack Sri Lanka and destabilize and the latest weapon being the divisive Bodu Bala Sena lobby which is trying to make people believe that there is a conspiracy against the Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka to somehow attack it! These kinds of fear mongering breeds, race hate which in turn leads to racial tension and finally to a bloody race based riot.

It is of course in the interests of the Govt. to prevent such action. So is the defense ministry part of the Government or a private army of the Defense Secretary bent on destroying the Sri Lankan state at the instigation of the USA?

I don’t have answers to those questions, but they create questions that require answers. It is therefore imperative that, earlier it was supposed to be foreign funded NGOs that were giving the Bodu Bala the needed juice to function, and now it appears that there is a foreign hand within the Ministry of Defense. Is that one and the same thing? We must destroy this cancer before it becomes Frankenstein.

I appeal to the citizens of the country not to be fooled by these desperate acts of people with agendas outside the interests of Sri Lanka and not to get taken in by their false declarations. We must do all we can to preserve the oneness of our nation along with the Diversity that creates its rich heritage. Those that seek to destroy this great nation for personal ends MUST BE STOPPED at all cost.

If we don’t it is the future of the nation that is at stake. All through this blog it is the integrity of Sri Lanka that I have tried to preserve along with Sri Lanka taking its rightful position amongst the nation states of the world. It is the Govt. that is bent on destroying this goal, and let us not permit these traitors any more mileage.

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