Thursday, February 21, 2013

ACJU - Oh Please! you gotta be kidding

ACJU after much discussion has put out a press statement that I could have done. They are asking shops to sell Halal cert stuff separately to Muslims. Are they kidding?

Why do they have to even insult the Muslims by making such an asinine statement. Why transfer the whole burden to the shops. Isn't it easier to say that they have withdrawn the certification and have asked the Muslim clientele to use the same practice they have used since the inception of Islam, by asking them to satisfy themselves as to the Halal nature of their purchases.

I have said it earlier and repeat it here, the certification is no guarantee of accuracy or authenticity, so do not insult the intelligence of the Muslim community by continuing to provoke blame with idiotic statements.

If a gathering of the elders can only come up with this non- solution to a serious issue, it further points at this institutions credibility that has been further weakened.

So before this press statement gets to the general public and be at the butt end of jokes, they had better call another meeting and come up with a far more practical solution. Look at how this issue is resolved in other non Muslim developed countries and take a leaf from their practice in recommending a compromise that satisfies all parties.

I agree the BBS is using the HALAL issue to incite racial divisiveness and we MUST not permit that to gather momentum as only Sri Lanka will suffer from such uttering of people whose vision is the antithesis of Buddhism. They are in fact misusing the name of Buddhism to spread hatred and ACJU by their action is contributing to this.

SO time for sense, certification has nothing to do with following Halal precepts, dunk this certificate and start again. Exporters can use another route to achieve the same goal, by getting some more reliable, less controversial organization involved in giving export certification.

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