Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh no not again! We have the whole story regurgitated – War Crimes

The Daily News today is exaggerating a little when it uses the word ‘Swamp’ to describe descent of the Tamil pressure groups stacked against the GOSL in Geneva

This is not going to detract from the work at hand, where the GOSL has failed to implement the LLRC recommendations and are ready to weasel themselves out of it especially after the Army Court of Enquiry ruled that it was not Forces fire that was to be blamed for the deaths, and by implication was the LTTE’s. In this way it is clear the direction the GOSL wishes to take on the LLRC recommendations implying either that they have been fulfilled already or that they are not relevant!

So the latest series of pictures of the killing of Prabarkaran’s son is bound to inflame emotions further and not further the interests of promoting harmony and reconciliation. It is because the general consensus is that unless GOSL is actually willing to accept complicity there will never be closure and until there is closure there will never be a resolution of the past before we rebuild on the future.

Coupled to the new Channel 4 expose, the fact that the UK govt authorized the sale of 2Mill pounds worth of armaments to Sri Lanka, which have been seized upon by the sanctimonious British press, as being against all that has been professed about selling to rogue regimes, the irons have got hotter!

International players must stop being influenced by the Tamil lobby and go about their business in a clinical manner, purely looking into the commitments that Sri Lanka agreed to and review how that has been achieved. They should NOT go against this remit, as the whole process will then fall into disrepute, giving the GOSL the excuse it is looking for to extricate itself out of this thorny problem.

It is in the interests of the opposition in Sri Lanka that pressure is brought about by the international community on fair allegations, so it frees them to legitimately campaign for a change of leadership, de-legitimizing this regime to such an extent that they have no choice but to seek a fresh mandate.

Whilst all these shenanigans continue the Country its people and its Economy suffer. The loss of GSP has affected the poor person more than the better off, and the Govt. must share the blame for that, with the people realizing that whatever story was told them, their Govt. HAS NOT acted in their interests.

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