Thursday, January 31, 2013

So what is in store at the next UNHRC sessions? Any guesses!!

Another chance squandered to restore the Country’s reputation within the International Community. No I don’t mean with the Western Nations only, but within all nations that have faith in the rule of law and more importantly international law to which we, Sri Lanka, is a signatory and has agreed to abide by.

It is therefore an absolute unadulterated disgrace when the Govt. is taking this Country down the sewer just to be bloody minded and assert a level of independence that is meaningless. It is important when we belong to International Organizations, and when we sign international treaties that they are done for the benefit of the Citizens of Sri Lanka, not some other tin pot western power.

Our leaders believe it is for outsiders, as they don’t even understand what is meant by the treaties in the first place. It is to govern how countries conduct themselves in the international arena. So the implementation of the LLRC recommendations, which were merely home grown solutions to our home grown conflict, seems to be ignored, there are consequences. The visiting US delegation of bureaucrats did their homework and went back to write the report which will be submitted by the US govt. at the UNHRC sessions, and we already know what the charges will be no matter what one would wish to say to defend the country.

It is therefore even more bizarre when it is announced that the Country is going to hire at huge expense, some PR agencies to bat for Sri Lanka, when the outcome of the UNHRC sessions is now a foregone conclusion, and there is nothing the PR agencies can do to alter the outcome. If only the people of Sri Lanka understood how profligate this Govt. is with their money, they would be appalled and will hold each and every member of this Govt. to task. However they are in the proverbial get away with murder scenario again.

All I ask the SL govt. is to keep this money, send a small delegation, and put a brave face on a challenge, without reacting with nasty threatening statements. The members of the UNHRC will cut more slack if this is done with modesty and not extravagant buffoonery which is what is planned. The results will also be more positive and lot more could be achieved with far less cost. Ambassador Ariyasinha knows how to tackle the issues at hand, and he will do a good job, but please let him use his discretion and do not try to smother his optimism, by getting foreign charlatans to try and put the wool over the eyes of the delegates. In fact I do not think a delegation should be sent either. One minister along with the Embassy staff in Geneva can handle the job perfectly and the country thankful for their services.

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