Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Channel 4 – the next installment timed for the next UN HRC sessions

We are about to be confronted with the latest version of Killing Fields to coincide with the UNHRC sessions in Geneva about to begin next week. In this the most poignant set of pictures along with convincing proof is of the cold blooded murder of Prabarkaran’s 12 yr son.

The Channel 4 is playing the same game as the Government. You tell the same story enough times and then people will finally believe it. That is how the Govt. has also operated telling the same lie sufficient times where people will finally give up and believe the Government which is trying to safeguard the people.

The citizens of Sri Lanka do not understand that they are merely attached - guilt by association, namely that of propping up a bunch of criminals. The Country Sri Lanka should not be criminalized because of a few criminals at the top of the rung of power. We are hardworking civilians who have had to undergo suffering due to the actions of few. We must understand that however much we try to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, we are part of the globalized world and the sins of our leaders leave an indelible patch on our quality of life, now or later.

My personal belief as a hard working local trying to bring to food to the table, is that our Govt. has let us down, and all the people of Sri Lanka by denying the incontrovertible, thinking sufficient people will believe the lies. In the end our education system has let local people down, in them believing lies. We are taught not to think, but accept what our leaders say. However the rest of the world knows different. They play a different game of their enlightened self interest, without a care for the people of Sri Lanka as their agenda is against the Leadership, but the fall out are the people of Sri Lanka who suffer.

Once this administration disappears the truth will come out and then the truth and reconciliation will begin, and only then can we come to terms with moving forward. When intellectuals and people who should know are in denial, they are actually letting down those less fortunate. In their race to justify their heroes they create a sense of justice that is patently unjust.

One pays a price for ones sins at some time, be it in this life or next, and therefore the Rajapakse legacy in history will be tainted forever, just as the Premadasa legacy is also. There is nothing they can do to alter the course of history not even rewriting the Mahawansa as someone else can rewrite it after their time. Remember nothing is permanent except the truth. Truth will eventually prevail.

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