Monday, May 7, 2012

Where to next? Bumbling from one deception to another

The hens are finally coming home to roost. Following an unprecedented hike in fuel prices, from which the bus fares rose 20% and other items such as flour, cigarettes and alcohol we had a great Vesak present of a huge hike in the cooking gas prices, along with Milk Powder as being the hikes with the most impact, and then sundry others such as Cement and we will see a hike in processed food prices, for lunches and restaurant meals etc.

All these cost increases affect the average home, pocket and lifestyle. People are shell shocked but are unable to react, not even coming onto the streets to protest. The govt. believes this is a good sign, that the people are more concerned about their tall stories of the imminent arrival of the Western Armies to take over Sri Lanka and so the people will bear any cost increase to save the nation from the Capitalist imperialist invaders.

The people are now caught between a rock and hard place in this scenario, not knowing where to turn. They are confused with the level of misinformation courtesy of the govt. This is a very wrong method of fooling the masses that has destroyed any sense of trust people may have had for their rulers. It is a sorry state of affairs that require exposure of the facts to the people.

So what are the essential facts? It is simply that the Govt. took the decision of delaying all these price increases till 2012, by keeping the exchange rate unusually strong so that their duty reductions, and ability to transfer massive funds outside, by selling inflated stocks and all the loot they managed to amass by siphoning off a high percentage of the funds borrowed for his expense capital items abroad into their or their nominee bank accounts. It was a simple process of highway robbery of the worst kind. Once that was done, the market plunged to depths and then the rot started.

The rot continues unabated and the intention is to work it all through in this year, so that come the next set of elections next year, people would have forgotten this increase and other goodies will fall just in time for a new spate of disinformation meant to win the next series of elections.

It is a simple plan to stay in power indefinitely taking full advantage of the stupidity and the short term nature of the people, which is part of the education process. It directs them into slavish behavior. This is further proof that they have no intention of educating the masses to truly understand life. If that latter happened then the lie will unfold and the established order would collapse.

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