Thursday, May 24, 2012

A race to political obscurity is no way to return the loyalty of your supporters

The General has barely been out of imprisonment for 48 hours, when he has made statements that are unguarded, and characteristic of the time before he was taken in. In that sense he has not changed his spots, and his undoing then will be the same as his undoing now, and this time he will have no one to blame but himself.

There are thousands of people who really believe that the General is the political answer to this dictatorship. Try as I might to explain this folly, learned men, have no doubt that he is the savior out of corruption, back to discipline and good governance. In my opinion it is NOT through representative democracy that he intends achieving his ends, but by unfounded accusations against all who HE suspects of being corrupt, whether they are or not, typical of the Premadasa pogroms when he gave carte blanche power to the forces to eliminate the JVP and as a result all those people in villages who had grudges against others who pointed out to the army as being JVP were killed! Hope we never forget what we did to our innocent civilians during that time.

There will come a time not too long hence, perhaps within 3 months, when it will become clear the opposition to the Government by the General will be more out of revenge for wrong done to him, rather than an honest attempt to bring peace and justice to this nation for all human beings who live here to look forward with optimism for a bright future for their children.

The Country certainly does not want one set of corrupt practices replaced by another set, which the perpetrators do not see as corrupt, but in a soldier’s way of looking at the world, is ‘a necessary evil to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the war’. I do not subscribe to that theory at all.

This undue haste to set up a political party and register it as the Democratic Party, a word that will haunt not just those who misuse it, but those who come to believe in it, will be its downfall. Worse as the General to head it and Arjuna and Anoma as the vice presidents and Tiran Alles that master of deceit as the General Secretary will be a right royal attempt at mass deception. Let us hope that people with common sense realize this is not a party that is built to survive, and is merely an opportunistic attempt to capitalize on a temporary popularity created by media hysteria which is calculated by the President to provide another spanner into the intention of the opposition to unite against the Government.

Watch the proceeding carefully and evaluate the why and what for s before coming to a conclusion on the progress of the General in the next few months.

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