Saturday, May 19, 2012

“Satakaya Sarpaya” – is true to his word – the people at large were fooled

If there was a sure thing that was not to be, it was the drama surrounding the release of Ex Army General Sarath Fonseka. The Gullible Sri Lankan media, with not ONE articulate and clever journalist within its ranks, completely accepted at face value the statement made by MR about the impending release of SF. There was not one person who could read between the lines to realize what exactly he was saying. They did not look to define the word ‘release’. So they were left pondering their foolish statement, that the gullible public who slavishly follow their every word, were fed.

Now the pundits are left wondering, if it is conditional or unconditional. Then another set of pundits are wondering which case will he be granted bail on and which he won’t?  Then will he accept bail or refuse to apply for bail, refuse to show the surety, and therefore remain in jail. Then what about all the cases where he is still doing time? Will the sentence be commuted or what? There are more questions than answers.

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Victory over a bunch of troublesome terrorists in an internal civil war which ended with over 100,000 citizens of Sri Lanka dying. The fact that one set of citizens celebrate victory over the death and destruction of another set of citizens means only one thing. That we wish this country to be divided, or at least the Government does by this show of strength to fight civil wars. It reminds us that there is no national sense of unity by this act, and worse it is only a TV show with few civilians present to see it live, while 20,000 service personnel are drawn into it by order only. Further, Colombo’s road system was paralyzed for a whole week, delaying commerce, for the practices at high cost.

It is under these circumstances that these political games are played out. Ulterior motives include the attempt to destabilize and divide opposition to the Government to make it easy for them to hold on to tenuous control, in the face of a severe assault on the cost of living of ordinary citizens. Against this backdrop the Victory or third anniversary thereof is hollow, as the peace dividend has flown away, been squandered, or never came despite all the promises to the contrary.

There are simple solutions to the issues of the day, which the Government does not wish to solve, as their hold on to power is on a divide and fear rule( as just a few minutes ago the President announced to the local audience as part of the V day speech  that "he will not remove military camps until all the threats have been eliminated"), not construct and unite rule. Making such a statement to the world and to the local public is part of the ploy of fear mongering to stay in power, and NOT for one second an Olive Branch for unity and peaceful coexistence within a United Sri Lanka. This traitorous approach must be called for what it is, and the fact that we do not have one journalist who can lucidly explain to the reader the game that is being played out with their minds, is a terrible indictment of the lack of an independent 4th Estate in Sri Lanka today.

It is this sole unpatriotic approach to the need to stay in control of the economy so that a few can lay claim to the spoils. THAT IS  WHAT IS HAPPENING. UNPATRIOTIC TRAITORS RULE SRI LANKA TODAY.

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