Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rauff Hakeem set fire to his new office at Kattankudy – Now read why!

The newly built SLMC office in Kattankudy was set on fire. There is no ongoing investigation into the cause which is unusual. Ask the OIC Kattankudy why not? And he will say he received orders from the top not to investigate.

The real reason turns out that Rauf Hakeem through his orders has set fire to his own office. Why would he do an insane thing like that? Well it all boils down to Politics Sri Lanka style or rather MR style.

The Indian High Commissioner is on a visit to the Eastern Province to assess the situation on behalf of his Government. It is normal for all these foreigners to interfere in Sri Lanka’s activities due to the behavior of the Rajapakse government which has given every reason for this unwanted interference. I said it then and I say it again it is a traitorous act of the MR government to behave in this way giving rise to foreign meddling in our affairs. I detract from my original point.

Now for the reasons for this drastic action. Rauff Hakeem had agreed to meet the Indian High Commissioner at his new (to be formally opened) office in Kattankudy. Then MR got wind of this meeting and ordered Rauff Hakeem not to meet him ( I told you it is a dictatorship- we do not have a the freedom to meet who we want even if we are a Cabinet Minister) 

In order to save face, and not having to tell the Indian Delegation that he is not able to meet them at his office, he simply set fire to the office, so he could easily without compunction tell the Indians that due to an emergency situation at his venue he had no option but to regretfully cancel. He DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS TO TELL THE INDIANS THE TRUTH. As we know knowing the Indians they knew the truth before anyone in Sri Lanka did, as RAW the Indian Secret Service is deeply entrenched in Sri Lanka today, with many agents in the East including many in the SLMC and TNA and also in the governing UPFA in that area.

Now make up your mind what kind of spineless individual this Hakeem is who does this kind of thing? No backbone or integrity in anything he does. He is just for himself only. He will meet his waterloo shortly, all his own undoing, I am sad to say. However it is not as if he did not ask for it. That is the state of play in the kangaroo court of Hakeem or the banana republic of MR we live in today.

It is therefore important for the true sons of the soil, those who really love this country and not the racist elements in all religious and ethnic groups to take a stand and fight for peace and justice for all, simply to abide by the law of the land and not do stupid things like wasting scarce resources because you have no backbone!!

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