Saturday, May 26, 2012

‘Followers of Fonseka are Fools’ – It is a debatable opinion or is it?

We built an opinion about the General when he ran for President on the common opposition ticket of the Swan, as we wanted a change from the megalomaniacal rule that was upon us, as a good antidote. However his clear lack of political experience came to haunt him, and was made worse during the last week of the campaign, when he assumed he was about to win, and made statements that frightened the populace into wondering about his state of mind
It was made worse by making the atrocious statement of promising all Government Service employees, an increase of Rs10,000 a month. In any sense of the word it is impossible to afford such a payment without completely turning the whole private public wage balance out of whack to say nothing of the lack of funds anywhere to do so. Similarly it emerged after the fact that the think tank that did the calculation only came up with an increase of Rs3,500. So when SF made this preposterous lie the ‘Pundits’ fell off their chairs when after Tiran Alles’s intervention it had been raised to Rs10,000 thinking it would do the trick in getting all the Govt. servants and their families to vote for him. In reality no one bought this lie, especially the Govt. servants and so only a small minority of them voted for him!

Upon reflection SF’s reliance on Tiran Alles, as someone more knowledgeable seems to have backfired. Knowing the previous track record of this individual at the double game, when he even double crossed Prabarkaran, he must have received a huge pay-off from MR for this turn of events to ensure MR’s victory. To think that it is this same person SF relies on for advice today makes my blood curdle.

As if this history in not enough, we know through the years how SF chose every opportunity to use a sound bite to get at the Govt. during his trips to hospitals and also on regular court appearances. Well this flow of words is now gushing out at a speed, I cannot even comprehend. He has something to say to anyone who wants to listen. That is a very bad sign in politics, as what you say can come to haunt you.

So think carefully! This person is soon going to run out of steam. He will be a spent force in a few months, and those who placed all their faith in him as an alternative to the current brutality, are going to be sorely disappointed in this leader. Like the Mahanayake theros in Kandy told him, take some rest go on holiday, when you are well in mind and body, then come out and prepare your comeback. It seems even this considered advice has fallen on deaf ears! So be warned this is another feather in the cap of the MR regime for releasing him. People thought the Govt. committed ‘Hara Kiri’, now we know the truth of why!

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