Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Release of Sarath Fonseka – it is all a game for the President

The President loves to hold the cards close to his chest, and from time to time for some personal sense of vicarious amusement at other people’s misfortune, he attempts to spice the lives of newspapers by speculating that Sarath Fonseka may be released. This game has resurfaced and Newspapers have been given something to keep the editors busy, whilst the Country is going rapidly downhill through a series of disastrous policy decisions and wholesale rape of every asset.

He tells one set of people yesterday that he will not release him under any circumstances, and then tells another set that he may with preconditions. So which side of his warped sense of humor should we believe?

Tiran Alles is in this double game. From when he stole hundreds of millions that the Govt. agreed to give Prabarkaran for preventing the Tamils from voting in the 2005 Presidential Elections for Ranil Wickremasinghe, he has been at it. It is well known that Marvil Aru incident was predicated by Prabarkaran out of anger that the Govt. had not given him the blood money promised, and the rest is history.

Now that Tiran Alles is on the surface in SF’s party, with a newspaper launched with fanfare on the President’s last birthday, he is playing a double game of basically seeming to side with Sajith and Sarath to take apart the party and divide the UNP, and then on the other side under that working with Mahinda, as it all boils down to “dough” at his beck and call, playing to MR’s tune.

One is now led to believe that SF is so ill he is even unable to attend court. If that is the case, it will suit Mahinda, that if he releases him one day, it will be purely on humanitarian grounds so he can recuperate in the US, where he hope’s SF will be ultimately bound if he is unable to actively campaign in SL against the Govt.

Games! Whilst people in the Country face daily hardships, a sure indication that leaders do not care a toss for the people who live here is apparent. It is therefore important that we grab the mantle and really try and understand who we trust and entrust the country to someone who will not leave and take all the family silver with him or her and instead work hard for the interests of the country and its people, the only purpose left in Sri Lanka for any self respecting politician. To think what he can do only for SL and not for our own asses. Let us find him!

Do not forget that leaders come and go. All of them are replete with faults and these faults carry on to mismanagement in Government. Only we the people remain.

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