Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am appalled at the Subservience of our Government to the USA!

If what we read in our local newspapers is correct, it is appalling for a person who loves his country to see how this Government, by sending its foreign minister to the US, to report to the US what it is that they intend doing with regards the LLRC, which is a wholly internal mechanism to deal with an internal conflict, albeit set up, due to pressure from the external, or international community.

The added significance of this betrayal is that it is done at the same time another hoodwinking exercise of a Victory parade takes place on Galle Face full of promises to defend the country from overseas influences and interference. How completely scandalous is this dual policy? We have been betrayed by this Government. 

This pandering to the West or going to pay homage to some lady in Washington, without first debating the contents of the plan to implement the LLRC proposals, with the local parliament, smacks of utter deference to the US as our lords and masters. The fact that the media does not have the guts to report this fact out of fear leaves it to us mere mortals to protect the interests of Sri Lanka, that has been bartered away by this Administration for no benefit to this country.

I do not believe GLPeiris should have gone to the USA to present this without discussion. Why the USA? When the resolution was from the UNHRC to which we are a party. We have NO obligations to the US to even show what we are about to do, or have done. We DO NOT owe them any form of explanation.

So what has brought about this turn of events, after the fiasco in Geneva, when the Govt. even pretended to accept defeat as a victory, using some harebrained logic?

The double game the Rajapakses play first for local consumption as being patriotic defenders of the Sinhala Buddhist culture against any foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country, and go overseas and behave in completely the opposite way, must be laid bare for all to see. We MUST make people of the county aware of this double game, double standards or inconsistency depending on your point of view, so that the citizens of this country can make informed decisions on what is fed to them.

We do not know some of the back room work, we do not have access to the latest telegraphs from Butenis to the US state department to work out the logic of this hurriedly prepared report for the US. We do not know if the US who are just fed up with the official US bashing the Govt. has undertaken and want to stamp their true authority over the country in this surreptitious manner. It could be all or nothing above, but that still does not absolve the now discredited Foreign Minister from making a full disclosure of the promises made, agreements reached and plan to implement LLRC to the Sri Lankan Parliament, immediately on his return, and I sincerely hope the Opposition will insist on that at least and pick it apart in the national interest, as their duty to the people of this country.

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