Sunday, May 6, 2012

As always the JVP May Day Rally was the best organized and planned

The JVP May Day Rally at the BRC grounds was the best organized rally of May 1st 2012. Historically they use this occasion to give the country a peep into their organizational capability and to show how disciplined their followers are.

The buses were hired and paid for by individual contributions. They gathered their faithful from all over the country to come in an organized and disciplined manner. They needed to show a force due to the emergence of the new breakaway faction, the Peratugami Peramuna, or the Frontline Party which was also in the news and has taken some temporary shine off the old party. They brought 10,000 there.

The stages were beautifully designed, reminiscent of a bygone age in which they still live and hold views that most of their originators have long since departed from. It is therefore amazing that they have been able to keep the faithful to the core principles in tact to the day they expect to take power, as if nothing has happened to the structure of society since their time.

The parade from the two places, Saranankara Road and another point to the grounds was well organized. They marched in formation and did not deviate to get water or to a kade for a smoke. All smoking and drinking was taboo and nothing should be thrown on the ground. So when they passed by there was nothing that a neighbor could complain about, and the police had nothing to fear from the orderly behavior. Considering how other people behave in Sri Lanka, it is an eye opener.

The rally proper was on time well organized and to the point, with the old stalwarts not veering from their original stance, and it was music to the faithful, but only music, with no command performance in the end to grab their attention.

It is important to state; once the event was over, within 24 hours they had cleared all debris and left overs, without even a poster left behind for the Municipal Council to clear. This is a factual account, not meant to influence, but from which the rest of us who do not adhere to their policies nevertheless have much to learn from their actions, to carry out parades and rallies to a point that all those who participate know why and when and how. Hats off to the JVP Organization.

In contrast the Govt. one was a forced march taking people against their will, at a huge cost to the state, to a rally which was totally disorganized with different factions all converging on the Town Hall. They could not find their buses, they were a bunch of hungry lost souls, not knowing where they are and how to get to their destination so let us take a leaf from the JVP and improve our productivity. 

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