Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy – the management of diplomacy – Acts of Traitors

It is no secret that the whole subject of Foreign Policy and the way the Diplomatic Missions receive stepmotherly treatment is a disgrace. I firmly believe it is bordering on being traitorous in the sense that the whole policy objective of defending the country from external forces, who threaten to destabilize it, gives all the ammunition our enemies desire.

That said, the responsibility and the persons who must answer to this disgraceful performance are the Foreign Minister and the President. In reality they can overrule most sane decisions in favor of the insane ones currently being adopted.

If one takes this argument to its conclusion, it is the mental stability of both the above that requires questioning. There is no doubt, and overwhelming evidence that even the recently adopted resolution that slapped Sri Lanka as being a bunch of incompetent buffoons unable to implement their own decisions could easily have been avoided if we had people of sound mind in the seat of power.

It is time a resolution calling for the impeachment of the President be brought to Parliament, so that history will look kindly at those who vote for and those who vote against will forever be doomed as contributors to the destruction of the state.

We who are genuinely patriotic, those who only wish to sacrifice our lives, so that those who come after us will benefit from what we leave for them, cannot stomach the traitors who in the name of patriotism rule us. After all Patriotism it is well accepted is the refuge of the “Soundrel” and in this context I would add the plural.

The latest fiasco, of switching the important post of the Ambassador in Geneva, when so much counts is an instance. After all 4 Ambassadors in 4 years to Geneva is unprecedented and a clear indication if ever we wish to find any of the incompetence, impotence and the insanity of the Administration in Colombo. I hasten to add that I know new replacement Ravinath, who is a dedicated, honest and competent career diplomat, who is up to the job. However that does not deny the point above, as it is impossible to present a consistent face, to defend the country from unreasonable accusations, showing schizophrenia of the worst kind.

The only saving grace the administration has is that it has no desire to win in the global stakes, as it is good for local politics, to be seen as defending the indefensible. That fools the populace that the Govt. is defending the country against an imperialist order hell bent on destroying Sri Lanka, while they are doing a super job destroying the country for personal greed. That is a patriotic traitor!!! 

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