Friday, May 18, 2012

The Continuing Teasers – Courtesy of the biggest riddle master!

Whether or not Sarath Fonseka will be released seems to be the talk of the day. However as I have noted in both my previous blog entries, the on again off again saga of this episode is mater minded by the President who holds all the cards. As I have also said before he is playing a game, with all the puppets on his string.

Sarath Fonseka is furious, hopping mad with Anoma for going to see the President about his release, as that is just what the President wants the world to see, showing compassion! To one who does not need compassion! Then he is furious that the negotiations are even entertaining the fact that he pay accept the bail conditions laid out for releasing on conditional bail, when he wants an unconditional ( remember that means without ANY conditions) pardon.

All these games, and the latest indication is that on Saturday, that is tomorrow, an announcement will be made that he will be released on conditional bail on one case, however until all the bail applications are held for all the pending cases against him, the Govt. have to take the course of the Law and only once all BAIL applications have been granted, that they will be able to release him, and that also only on bail, where his passport will be impounded, and he will not be able to engage in any political activity etc.

So all this song and dance for nothing, and just a furious Sarath Fonseka, as only he knows what a pawn he is now with the President with the whole chess board to play with. It does not fit in with SF’s ego, and so he may even burst a blood vessel out of fury as to all goings on around him. I guess the hospital is the best place to keep him at present as the burst blood vessel will need immediate first aid which only a hospital stay will provide.

It is only too obvious that the media, his own advisors are taken for an almighty ride with the carrots dangled in front, and then taken away just as fast, and all the people under the misunderstanding that he is about to be unconditionally released.

It is also going to make a liar out of SF who only said he wants to be unconditionally released with him not even asking for a pardon or any other condition for his release. When he is forced to accept another alternative, he will sound like a liar to his followers, where his principles have been compromised by the artful way the whole episode has been handled.

As Tiran Alles is an intermediary in the double game, he will also be taking the side of the President to explain falsely to SF that he is effectively free. 

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