Sunday, May 20, 2012

So V day has come and gone and SF is still inside! So much for the media

I have lately on against our mainstream media in a big way accusing them of being just purveyors of lies, using the SF pardon as the current example. We should know by now, that we should take whatever the President of the country says with a pinch of salt, as he never speaks the truth, nor intends to. It is just his way. So reporting what he says as being factual, rather than just say that it was what he said and in 90% of cases what he has said has turned out to be false would be the accurate thing to report.

We are asked, and the media has been asked to report with care. So it is with care that the media MUST report that whatever the current President of Sri Lanka says does not consist of a grain of truth. His address to the nation on Saturday must also be regarded with similar light. The public of this country must be informed of this so that they can make or come to their own conclusions.

Today’s report says that he has now got to withdraw his appeal against the white flag case before he can be released, as that is an impediment to the release. Does that mean that once the appeal is withdrawn it can no longer be resubmitted in case he is NOT released on another technicality? These are the rings and knots the MR seems to enjoy entangling our foolish media and the SF supporters in, for vicarious pleasure of a sadist.

The media circus of last week is just a dance, and I have consistently in the last four days alerted the reader to this fact. The so called responsible media reports highly irresponsibly about the speculation and raises hopes in many quarters.

You must understand that SF is a proud man and seeing this game being played in the open is about to burst a blood vessel out of fury, just what MR is hoping for!

So I appeal to the media to be careful how and what you report and in what context, as you just do not seem to analyze what you are saying, and just parroting what someone who is irresponsible and proved to be so is saying.

Let this be a lesson for future reporting that Government news meant for the media is just that, and so every item of news coming from those sources must be qualified by mentioning the sources and reminding the reader of the likelihood using probability theory if one must about its authenticity. It is likely that more hurdles have to be surmounted, resulting in a very angry man who will come out guns blazing making an utter mockery of himself due to this treatment, something which the government is calculating will be for its own benefit showing him to be off!!!

It is most important that we take the challenge of insisting that Government Media channels be banned from the internet as they report irresponsibly, a charge that is unfairly made on some private media. I ask the question then who determines what is irresponsible, as it is merely an opinion of a person that can be biased in making that statement! We must first understand that attempts to ban certain reporting is in itself bad and should be rejected as we do not permit the reader to make a judgement using all the media available at his disposal.

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