Monday, May 28, 2012

The Absurdity of Sambanthan’s statement is lost on the Tamils

The recently concluded Annual Meeting of ITAK, or the TNA representing the people of Tamil Heritage in Sri Lanka, held in Batticaloa came up with some startling claims or wish lists!

The most preposterous of them was the desire to remerge the Northern and Eastern Provinces as it is the Historic land of the Tamil Speaking People! I do not wish to go any further on the other desires for administering this land under a Sri Lankan sovereign state, but I think even contemplating or dreaming up such an idea is itself, tantamount to compromising the cause of a United Sri Lanka in every sense of the word, which I have advocated within this blog.

I have campaigned for a religious freedom, and freedom for all people in this country to live in harmony without infringing on other people’s fundamental rights, and I believe this demand is an infringement of that. I have harped on against the Sinhala Buddhist tunnel visioned racists who have hardly a drop of Sinhala blood if their ethnicity is put to a gene test. Their retort to that is that the gene test is a Christian invention to promote racial animosity and superiority so it is not a valid basis for identifying our ancestral history! The demands of the ITAK are no different.

In a small country where the total number of Tamil heritage people in the Northern and Eastern Provinces at the latest Census amount to no more than 600,000 people, the cheek of thinking they have self determination rights is a joke. It is like saying that the Muslim suburbs of Bombay have their own self governing rights to the rest of the city. It is just not practical when most of the people of Tamil heritage of Sri Lanka live outside these confines. So I beg to differ.

On the question of the pretence of the historic land of Tamils, I ask how far back do they go? It is that history that we must define. No ethnic group has historic rights in Sri Lanka except all the citizens who live here. Just as the Aboriginals have historic rights over Australia, and Native Americans over the USA, Canada and the Incas over Peru, the original Veddas have historic rights over Sri Lanka. All that amounts to a hill of beans in 2012. So I respectfully ask these hallucinating politicians to get a life and do what they have been elected for, namely represent the interests of those who have voted for them, and not make hypothetical demands on their behalf for personal greed. These demands smack of a direct challenge to the rule of law. This is only bound to infuriate those who do not see any rights for the Tamils, further inflaming tensions in Sri Lanka, one I have desperately tried to diffuse in my writings.

I am firmly of the opinion now that these Tamil leaders trying to bask in reflected glory, have lost their marbles, and I am now forming an opinion that we should ban all religious and race based parties forever in Sri Lanka as they are a direct threat to the national Integrity of a Nation struggling to put a violent past behind us to go forward, so every citizen of Sri Lanka feels they are part of an Independent, and proud Nation first, before any other personal feelings of race or religion even come up for discussion.

The Hela Urumaya is just as nauseatingly offensive to decent peace loving people as is the SLMC or the ITAK, so do not get me wrong, I only wish for a Nation that is proud of its Nationhood, and work together as a nation. Remove all references to race or religion in any official document except perhaps in the register of births where the father and mother’s religion may be asked!

I am a patriotic nationalist first. The president and his family are racists and so are the leaders of the Tamils and Muslims and those who back the JHU. To me they are all traitors to the cause of Nationalism. I repeat the challenge about gene testing which will prove that all these racists have more blood of another race than the race to which they purport to defend, making their claim even more laughable. Only time will make fools of all these people when they are exposed as just opportunistic infidels, having more in common with an Israelite than with a son of any soil! No wonder the Jews in Israel fear the Gene test, as most will be proven to be more Arab than the Arabs!

I therefore ask the reader to consider this aspect. Who represents the interests of the 20+million people of Sri Lankan Nationality best? Will they take on the task of eliminating any race based glasses pinned on our children to form a truly united nation where we are all proud to belong to one nation called Sri Lanka? We are an integral part of the family of nations also knows as mother Earth and it is our duty to do our small bit to preserve and protect mother Earth from all that threatens its existence and sustainability. Let us unite under one flag and one nation, PLEASE

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