Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At Royal they start young! – a night of frolicking at an away Rugby game

It is incredible what a bunch of rich spoilt schoolboys with an unlimited budget seem to get up to today. So when the Royal College rugby team went up to Kandy to play a rival at the intercollegiate under 19 team, they did not let the evening go without trivial pursuits.

Remember that Royal College is a government non-fee-levying school, that is one of the largest secondary schools in the world. However it enjoys lavish facilities courtesy of the generosity of their OLD BOYS who are illustrious captains of industry and politics. So the generosity extended to the budget for Rugby as well.

These young guys flashed a couple of US$100 bills, which only rich kids have access to and hooked in the services of two Eastern European Hookers, not of the rugby scrum type. Once about five of the boys had filled the women up with their energy, others were turned away, as the women did not feel what was given was enough to service the whole team.

Those who were not serviced got most upset, that some of the juniors got the privilege that they could not obtain and started a rumpus that got out of hand, and so the secret was out due to greed and sour grapes, it seems, a Royalists nightmare!

So one might ask where were the parents? Where was the master in charge of Rugby? and where were the chaperones of the boys? Was it done with the approval of the people in charge? A lot of questions remain unanswered.

What disciplinary action would the Principal take? Should he fire the students, ban them from Rugby playing for the school or fine them for breach of ethics in sport!

Now we know there is nothing amiss with teenage libido in the team, but is it the example that is created, one to follow or emulate. If this is to be a warning for future generations, then all the players implicated along with those who were unlucky and were not able to participate must all be disciplined and at least removed from playing Rugby this year. It may sound harsh and destructive to the team’s performance this year, but that will then prevent a future occurrence this year or hereafter. It must be taken and discipline within the team restored.

The word discipline amongst school boys is what is at stake, and the whole country is watching to see, what punishment they will get. It will be a crying shame for the future of the game, and the respect we all have for schools rugby if one of the most respected teams engages in conduct unbecoming of a rugby team!

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