Monday, May 14, 2012

The attempt to revive the SLFP – It has completely been destroyed

While attack is usually known as the best line of defense, a strategy adopted with success by the MR government, it now appears to be a lost cause. In this weekend’s attempt at reviving a dormant SLFP, completely destroyed by the Government of Parachutists, it was a bit rich of the President to look at the woes of the current Opposition and lament that they are not effective enough.

What are the facts in reality? The fractious ruling family has completely destroyed the party they claim to have come from! With only DM Jayeratne and Alavi Moulana of the old guard remaining, just ask any of the party faithful, what Maithripala Sirisena has been reduced to. He is just a sand mining environmental degrader and an enemy of the farmer, representing the capitalist miller class rather than anyone with any following amongst a reduced strength SLFP trying to find his own, under the influence of the NAMAL corps that most young politicians seem to want to belong seeing that as the way to future greatness, and NOT through the SLFP.

No matter all the internal squabbles common in any opposition, the UNP is by far the largest single political party in the Country. SLFP is a very distant second. It is ironic that many of the gullible public does not realize it because they are part of the 16 party Governing Coalition. If anyone wondered why there was this need to revive the party in the weekend meeting in Anuradhapura, you only have to ask the Local Thug Bertie Premalal Dissanayake, now completely sidelined by MR, and whose cohorts could not bag even on single contract at the recent share of billions of rupees of spoils from the Oyamaduwa Deyata Kirula pomfest, in Bertie’s own backyard. It was an attempt to make peace with Bertie, to hold it in Anuradhapura, and it failed miserably, while a different face was put into the media.

What is apparent, the UNP should avoid taking in too many of these so called crooks in Government who are lining up to join them. They will destroy the morale of the UNP faithful, when they see interlopers who have made money, sensing the current lot has reached their peak, wish to use their financial influence to get into the UNP and take the thunder away and get plum positions. I appeal to the UNP leadership to be mindful of some die hard supporters who will feel disgusted if some riff raff try and make a play for the party, only for personal gain.

It is a good sign that MR in all his media trickery has missed this sign of a complete breakdown in the SLFP, which will deal a body blow to his chances of showing a unified face when facing the next series of elections.

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