Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is all in the timing for maximum effect – The release – not on your nelly!

As I noted in my previous blog entry that I suspect that the whole charade we are going through with ‘when SF will be released’ will all be a damp squib for the amusement of the President.

So it was a bit rich of him to call in all the heads of media organizations for breakfast at Temple Trees yesterday and to tell them not to be communal in reporting news as it would inflame people’s base instincts.

My opinion is that a rowdy bunch of people stormed a mosque and demanded its removal saying it was not supposed to be there. There has been no police action to this date to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the crime as it is nothing but a crime whichever way you look at it if we honor the Constitution of the country.

So for someone so communal minded as to not take action against the wrong doers to tell the media not to be communal minded is just too far out of line. Does he think he can hide under the media smokescreen to absolve himself out of responsibility for this inaction? NO he just cannot walk away from this most grave incitement to religious bigotry.

Is he just starting another war this time against a different community? We must never forget that it was the actions of the majority community that gave birth to the most feared terrorist organization in living memory. So is this déjà vu all over again? and this time MR being held wholly responsible for the next war.

We in Sri Lanka who love this country and live here owe it as a duty to chase out the traitors who by their behavior spawn differences and prejudice. It is none other than the great betrayer or traitor who loves to call others traitors who is responsible for this state of play and I ask the media in the country who really love the country and who do not have other agendas to preserve a dictatorship for their gain, to come out strongly against this action.

We MUST not get fooled by official spokesman who say in a highly militarized country that the white van syndrome, where no one has been apprehended, is NOT a government sponsored act, only engaged by criminals. How can we sit around taking this garbage on a daily basis, when common sense, decency and morality are thrown out of the window in favor of lies deception and deliberate falsification of the facts? The citizens of the country must stand up for their rights against the regime that purports to defend them, as clearly this is just smoke and mirrors. I appeal to citizens to preserve the law of the land and ensure Justice for all.

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