Sunday, May 27, 2012

We need to move with the order of priority – Not fool around with hurt egos

Just when the country was demanding redress and fair play from the onerous battles of existence and price spirals, there was the Sarath Fonseka, remission of sentence to take the wind from our sails. That calculated political gambit, has succeeded, albeit temporarily to take the minds off our easily aroused public, courtesy of the insatiable appetite of the media for political gossip. This is I repeat at the expense of everymans’ desire to improve their standard of living.

The incessant drums of the ruling clique that play into our fear and insecurity of violence keeps the people from demonstrating on behalf of their grievances and patent injustice. The inability of the opposition to penetrate this vice like grip that the regime holds using the powerful tools of media and advertising to spread misinformation, are frustrating those who wish to see the rule of law and order prevail and many would say restored.

In this scenario, I hope the winds of the SF release will simply blow away never to return and be just wishful thinking of short sighted political opportunists like Sajith Premadasa, back by an unlikely coterie which include Buddhika Pathirana, Ranga Bandara and Harshana Rajakaruna desperate for some reflected glory on the back of SF. As if that was not shame enough, their attempt to back SF as a future leader of the UNP or worse of the country shows their lack of honesty and integrity.

The saying ‘what goes around comes around’ will fix to their rear ends, when they realize the folly of  tagging to coat tails or motorcade rides, take your pick.

The priority of all sane people who work untiringly for the good of their country, should be only to ensure that all political and democratic means are adopted to restore the rule of law and order in the Island and then secondly implement the Constitution of this country that we have undertaken to uphold, and if there are any constitutional provisions that are ill timed, and irrelevant as vestiges to be removed, they should be eviscerated from the constitution by a government that holds a two thirds majority so to do. This is a lifetime opportunity that has to be undertaken before long if the interests of the country are paramount.

The rest of us must agitate in a manner that is effective, so the particular injustices we are subjected to are removed from practice, as the law itself is usually clear on many of them, though the independence of the supreme court is suspect, and therefore the wrongdoers do not get justice, whilst like in the SF case retributive injustice was meted out to this highly flawed but hugely talented individual who nevertheless contributed significantly to winning the war against the LTTE.

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