Monday, October 17, 2016

When Donkeys rule, Thoroughbreds had better flee! –Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe

“Aiyo Sirisena” – 

Oh Yeah O Yeah ! Let it be known that in the PARADISE land of the LOTUS EATERS now known (for how long we are now no longer sure) as SRI LANKA, when faced with embarrassing exposure, the newly elected King of this TEAR DROP ISLAND allowed tears to overflow, and gush once again. He decided to succumb to the threats, and instead of calling their bluff, permitted the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, as always in the past 70 years, be suppressed, and replaced with the will of the “KAPPANG KALLIYA”. Thereby allowing incontrovertible evidence of GUILT under the laws of the land, that would necessitate imprisonment of said INDIVIDUALS that include a former STRONG MAN and his three Former Heads of the Navy, NOT TO PROCEED TO prosecution.

The Director General of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption, Mrs Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe, an additional Solicitor and General and a potential Attorney General of Sri Lanka, has just resigned her post!

She was the hardest task master, hardly paid, with a bunch of neophytes she had to train herself to understand right and wrong in a country that had forgotten that after so many years of Rajapakse wrongdoing, a control freak in making sure that the evidence would stand up in Court, but was LEFT WITH NO OPTION to hold her head high and stand up for what is right, and resign when her hands were tied by the very person who appointed her. 

What alternative WOULD YOU TAKE IF YOU WERE in the same BOAT? Dive out of the boat, to prosecute another day in another court, or let it sink with you and all your shipmates on board?

This is a sad day in Sri Lanka’s history, and a nail in the coffin of Good Governance, something that is obviously beyond the grasp of a family that came to prominence as a lesser of two evils, BUT HUGELY FLAWED EVILS of a family of TRAITORS that some thought would at least turn states evidence to save their souls, but whose guilt was far too excessive for any sort of remission, to finally throw in the towel, when the game was up, that they were mere two peas in a pod.

If you cannot control your prodigal son, and give him so many body guards and vehicles in which to run riot just a few kilometers from your new home, how can you really rule a Country? Let us hope your lame duck status you have so graciously bequeathed yourself consigns you in the annals of History to the shame of never being able to rise up from the gutter to the highest office, but remain in the gutter and just another GUTTER SNIPE!