Thursday, October 20, 2016

What is worse? I will let you decide!

I found these two reports equally funny, as to the stupidity of people but for different ways.

They are very different, but they both make statements that are outrageous and there are people who actually believe them, and act upon that belief.

The first was merely taking a currency note turning it upside down, and taking photo of it and then posting on e bay and seeing MORONS not realizing their mistake and bidding it up to 8,000 pounds for a five pound note! It just shows people don’t understand a simple upside down photograph, let alone being cautious in such a situation.

What does it say about people? Greed written all over, as hardly anyone purchases it to keep, they only want to sell at an even higher price, surely to another, believing the value to be even more than they bid.

Does it not reflect the level our society has stooped to, and money is now the God Father of life, and many don’t seem to value anything else in life.

The second was on the same page, when a Billionaire owner of a chain of department stores has the audacity to say, that after stripping out the chain of all the realizable assets, the man sells the whole company for ONE POUND to a person who is a serial bankrupt and has the gall to say that it was an “HONEST MISTAKE”.

This by a wily businessman who over years has dabbled in buying and selling stores and who at one time has built a whole portfolio of chain stores, before the profitability of such in light of internet purchases started to disappear.

He therefore disposed of it to a shady character, who thought he could strip what was left of it, in such a way that he took assets, leaving the store with the liabilities with NO option but to file for bankruptcy.

If someone with such a reputation can even make a statement like this, then we are all brilliant businessmen! He has ashamedly destroyed a business employing thousands of people and wantonly managed to ease out of having any future liability by this disposal, which will turn out to be one he knew was merely to get him off the hook. Obviously he has it coming for him!  

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